About this site


I am the author of this site.

LuciferianBlog.com was created at 13:13 CET on Friday the 4th of February, 2011, with the purpose of, put simply, to be a Luciferian’s blog online.

Not just any Luciferian, but this Luciferian.

Everything on this site will be according to my view so that it may inspire other Luciferians and spiritual people on their path towards .. whatever it is that people seek these days.

I make no presumtion to offer you ‘the truth’ or even ‘correct’ information, I encourage people to make their own research into the topics I write about. There are a few places online that I may consider worthy of providing enough generalised information that a newcomer can use to begin building his/her spiritual temple. See my ‘Links’ section for references to such sites.

As Luciferians are so diverse, each luciferian worldview has within a multiverse of influences, references and motifs that serve as backdrops and neurolinguistic programming that make up the model of the universe, or put in less technical terms: a custom-made spiritual temple for that individual’s needs.

I think the thirst for knowledge is fueled by the need to search out enough building blocks for that integrated temple.

May you find my blog useful in your own quest to satisfy your thirst.



12 thoughts on “About this site”

  1. Great site. Thanks for the link.

  2. well I ‘accidentally’ find this term: “Luciferian” and became curious.
    It was the first time that I saw the same view like I always used to have, I’ve never found a person who had the same view of the world and things like I have, so this was a kind of recognition to me.
    and this blog helps a lot, thanks

    • Thanks Andrea, and welcome to my site.
      You know, it’s so rewarding whenever people appreciate my work, but the biggest reward I get is to find what I consider lost brothers and sisters who are Luciferian too. It gives a whole lot of encouragement!
      PS: If you have a blog, let me know and I will link to it if you like.

  3. Hi, what is the best way to worship lucifer.

  4. Any way you want.

  5. @ RAMIN
    In my opinion Lucifer is not supposed to be worshipped. Lucifer is a tool to personal self improvement.

  6. Agree with Mabuz Luciferi 100%. As it is subjective, you should only be asking YOURSELF which way YOU feel is the best way to progress your higher spiritual being or Lucifer Self.

  7. Alex Jones said:

    I love your new blog backgrounds 🙂

  8. lucienneabramelin said:

    Me too, the blog is looking excellent!

  9. Alex Jones said:

    Are you still writing on this blog my friend. I still follow and read, but nothing posted for so long.

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