Luciferian Principles

The following is a quote of principles from the Order of the Luciferian Sword’s website (*). For simplicity of reference, I’ve numbered each statement and added my comments below on what I feel about each statement. (As of February 4, 2011)

Update (March 6th, 2012): 1 year revised statement is added to each section, in blue. I tried not to look at my previous answer and just typed what came into mind one year after.

Update (March 6th, 2013): 2 year revised statement is added to each section, in red. This time I just wrote the first thing that came into mind after reading the first and second entry. 

Update (Jun 13nd, 2014): 3 year revised statement pretty in pink. 

1. The Luciferian is a superior illuminated being, and stands above idol worshippers.

Correct, but idols can be useful in ceremonial magick, when evocing (or invoking) entities that either exist in my head, or on the Astral plane or higher realms that we do not understand scientifically or rationally but which one day science may provide answers to. (Magick works)

The idol worshipper surrender to a superiour being, The Luciferian IS a superiour being (and is aware of this).

The Luciferian is a superior, illuminated being, as opposed to those who blindly worship idols. 

Luciferian is a lonely traveller on the most dark path of them all, the path that goes through himself, so as to walk in the realm of his greatest enemies, his own demons. He must make his own light to survive that journey. Sometimes this light is so powerful others can see it, and his actions and intentions manifest onto the world as willed gestures of magickal change. The Luciferian pity those who obey false structures that they themselves created and imprison themselves in.

2. The Luciferian is proud of being all that is.

Correct, self-haters cannot progress much. And why should we not be proud of what we are?

Realizing perfection is in each moment, the Luciferian constantly strives towards perfection yet takes pride of being all that he is.

The Luciferian is proud and realize perfection in each breath, have compassion for those who aspire the higher, and loath those who cannot progress but to the lower. 

3. The Luciferian is free to do as he wishes while accepting the consequences.

Correct, there is no grandpa or santa-claus floating around on a cloud who watches you while you masturbate. (Unless that happens to be your fantasy that turns you on).

The Luciferian sees that right or wrong is neither black nor white, there is no universal morality, only consequences. The Luciferian wisely accept the consequence of any of his/her actions, as for every action there is a reaction, and for it to be action there must be movement and flow of energy. One can only seek to balance opposing forces and shape reality according to Will. And there still is no Santa Claus Grandpa figure that will watch you as you masturbate – unless you want it to be.

The Luciferian is truly fee, in the ultimate sense of the word. This is the ultimate responsibility not undertaken lightly. The responsibility is beyond that of mortal men. Such is the popular belief that a Luciferian is truly cursed. No popular belief is more correct.


4. The Luciferian is a person who strives for wealth, and lives in prosperity.

Well, not all occultists in history have been rich (most have died in poverty and misery) but we certainly do try..But the result depends heavily on the individuals focus and needs. Maybe you do not need a car to be happy? Maybe your focus right now isn’t on material success. If material success is your only focus, then you are using all your time/energy on gaining material wealth. Which i find boring, since there are much more in life. I like to have just enough money and materials to do exactly what I need to do and want to do, no more, no less.

The Luciferian always strives for inner or outer wealth, or both.

The Luciferian enjoys wealth including but not limited to material wealth. The universe is his playground. His marbles are planets and stars.

5. The Luciferian accepts his carnal primordial nature as it is, and glorifies it.

That is what makes hunting for a sexual partner fun, and why money and power is fun, too. I’m not ashamed of my nature or my fetishes, but I recognise them as what they are, they are what makes life interesting. Carnal joys are not all there is, but neither is being a guru who cannot enjoy life. You should be/practice both your divine nature and carnal nature in balance.

The Luciferian never tries to hide or escape his natural being in the physical world, and lives life to the full, enjoying each breath, and taking his/her fill of Love and pleasures. The pleasure and joy of life is not limited to the physical world. (or space, or time).

The Luciferian is a physical being having transcended the limitations of humanism departed from the path of nature, instead, the Luciferian embrace nature with sensual love.

6. The Luciferian is merciful on those who have proven themselves worthy to him.

I am merciful to myself and my kin.

The Luciferian lives a life of honour, and respects those with honour and merit.

The Luciferian is compassionate towards those who are proven worthy, and severe on those who fail and get in his way, and ignore all others.

7. The Luciferian is cruel and wrathful to those who have proven themselves worthy.

I am merciless to my enemies, and ruthless towards people who behave like idiots/sheep.

The Luciferian acts according to action, reaction and consequence. When someone deserve it, revenge is always sweet, swift, and just, or it may take the form of an avenging occult stream that brings misfortune and disaster to the one who fell into a Luciferian’s disfavour.

The Luciferian will give severity to those who attract severity. 

8. The Luciferian imagines and theorises, but is firmly grounded in reality.

Depends on what I am drinking and how fun I have with either reality or alternate realities.

Reality is whatever and wherever my imagination goes.

The Luciferian, never losing sight of his physical or spiritual being, expands all ideas and plans from the reality that he is currently in. Keenly realizing that reality shifts according to who defines reality, as any great Magickian and Mystic sage does. 

9. The Luciferian respects Mind, Body and Spirit.

See #8.

See # 8.

See #8.

10. The Luciferian does not convert, Luciferianism is only for the elite, unlike Christianity where you may convert every fool that you come across.

Correct, being a Luciferian is invite-only and the only one who can invite you is your higher genius. Good luck, genious 🙂

In a dark room, only a small light is needed to light up the entire room. Photons bounce off ceilings and walls. The darkness itself of course, is totally unaware of all this.

Luciferianism cannot be taught. People who become Luciferianism does not learn how to become Luciferians, they are only inspired to awaken the potential already buried deep inside them. Therefore, converting people into Luciferianism is per definition impossible. Luciferianism can offer no salvation to anyone unprepared to accept the full responsibility for being their own God of the universe, and having the keys to Heaven and Hell, transcending the duality of Heaven and Hell and creating the Third place, is not for sunday christians. 


11. The Luciferian loves the earth and the sun, the stars and nature.

Nature is our mother, the sun is our father, the stars are limitless reminders of infinite possibilities and universes. Anyone who willingly harms mother nature or the balance of nature is my sworn enemy.

The earth provides the non-dual truth, the non-moral truth, and the stars and the sun and the secret workings of the nature reminds us of the hidden gems and treasure of the Luciferian’s true and omnipotent potential.

Luciferians are in harmony with nature because the earth and water is the feminine life force and the sun and fire is the masculine, in the direct experience of it, it is the reality-web, the blank canvas that the Luciferian can experience and grow, and manifest onto. 

12. The Luciferian respects people of abrahamic faiths, and accepts their inferior existance.

I don’t respect all people, and sometimes their inferiority vary independent of their belief system du jour.

Like a distant echo of a song about legends from a forgotten age of wonders.

The Luciferian see religion as a monkey imitating someone driving a car. It will look very important but you dont actually get to drive anywhere. 

13. The Luciferian puts reason, the self and common sense squarely above god.

DIsagree. God does not exist because reason, self, and common sense does not exist.

Where is the self?

Sometimes god has nothing to do with it.

God died and went to hell, and Satan was so happy he was already in Heaven. Jesus Christ was on vacation when it happened.  

14. The Luciferian has no fear, be that of hell fire or thunder bolt.

I like to not ride a boat during thunderstorms. Assuming common sense exists, see #13

No fear of a strike from either heaven or hell. The Luciferian is above heaven and hell as its ruler.

Neither supernatural or natural threats could harm a Luciferian. For he is truly above fear. 

15. The Luciferian whole heartedly accepts science and human inguenuity, as the most holy of principles.

“Human ingenuity”? I get associations to a load of crap. Most humans and what they call “science” sucks. I can only sympathise with a select, few individuals, and even they knew they were flawed from the beginning. For example. How can you rationally describe the relation between matter and energy?

Having stolen the fire from the gods, we realised the gods and the fire, were all inside us all the time right from the beginning. 

Science and human genious are manifestations of the holy principles of Prometheus archetype. 

16. The Luciferian has but one mortal enemy, ignorance.

Correct. Not knowing is no excuse.

And shuns it like the plague.

Ignorance is the opposite of science, genious, and illumination. It is what made the library in Alexandria burn and caused the millenia known as the dark ages, where we are still, to say the least.

17. The Luciferian exalts the throne of man, on top of the rotting corpse of the abrahamic god.

Unless said deity is used in a ritual.

Same as last year

The Luciferian build a throne upon all rotten beliefs that would impair and imprison people in ignorance. 

18. The Luciferian is held back by one person only, the self.

What is the self? I feel the dude that wrote this is holding back.

The Luciferian is not held back by anything and has limitless potential, only held back by the limits of his developed knowledge and awakening to the true existance found in non-duality or exo-duality.

The only thing that can limit the Luciferian is himself. The only thing that can progress him is himself. He is alpha and omega.

19. The Luciferian has a sun burning inside of him, thus he may shine brighter than the subhumans.

Ridiculous nazi barbecue?

Brighter than the untermensch.

Subhumans are better known as un-humans or the human body without the spiritual enlightened mind. 

20. The Luciferian has a free heart, clean soul and a mind of purity (free of abrahamic vile).

Yes, yes, and no (purity and non-purity is dualism) and I don’t think so much about abrahamics or other “icks”. Waste of my energy and a defilement of my commandments to even mention them.

It does not taint his spirit.

The clean heart of a Luciferian resemble an illuminated child, it is pure and without taint. 

21. The Luciferian is perfect, perfection is a constant state of improvement.

That is a self-contradiction. Perfection cannot improve since it has already reached perfection. But for a Luciferian, the task is to realise the nature of my divine perfection combined with my carnal, fragile body which will at any time succumb to death, fatigue, disease, and hunger. Such is the state of imperfection, and rebelling against imperfection is the first step to this paradox.

Perfection is a point in time or existance constantly moving away from imperfection.

Same as last year. 

22. The Luciferian accepts spirituality, not as “spiritual pipe dreams” or “nonsensical hocus pocus”, but rather as a science waiting to be discovered by the pure of mind.

We are a combination of divine (spiritual) and material (carnal).

Spiritual matters are part of nature, and as man document the keys of nature, so will Spiritual matters be mapped out fully one day.

Spirituality is a moving target to define, so the Luciferian moves with it. 

23. The Luciferian is might incarnate, a god in the flesh, the highest expression of life in this world.

Or other worlds. While religion sucks, no Luciferian knows with certainty what happens after you die.

The Luciferian is a living deity.


24. The most beautiful thing in Terra are the men and women who walk upon her.

Agreed, although I think the male body is more perfect than the female.

The body is a caricature of the pure soul waiting to be liberated by the limits of the physical.

The body is a temple of the spiritual nature, and the spiritual nature is manifested in the body. 

25. The ugliest thing in Terra is stratified religion and dead idols.

And dogma, ignorance etc.

Religion and idols, outside magick, is a disease.

Stratification and death is ugly. 

26.Keep your words of wisdom in the shadows, the light is not for those who are without. Lest you regret it sorely.

“The light that shines in darkness”.

*) See Links section

See #10

Truth did not come into this world nude. It came as an image. They would not accept it otherwise. 

42 thoughts on “Luciferian Principles”

  1. This is Beautiful brother, I shall make sure I put more time into reading your site!

    I am working on a book, it will take time, and it is taking time, but IT will get published somehow be it self or not.

    I hate to be a burden brother, but I HIGHLY doubt the LRS follows such beautiful principles, I got goosebumps reading them:P

    To our eternal struggle

    Lucius Strigidae

    • Great! I am looking forward to reading your book, I don’t mind reading a preview if you want to have someone proofread or comment 🙂 you can send it to luciferianblog at gmail dot com.
      Loved the post on your site “War of the Gods” by the way.


  2. #27; The Luciferian has a great sense of humor…even about hirself!

    True, for the truly enlightened. 😉

    Thanks for a great article friend.

    IAOH Lucifer-Prometheus!

  3. I note from your revised statements you have grown by leaps and bounds in your Luciferian path. Let the Luciferian flame be even brighter in the coming year of your journey.

  4. Amazing. I love it! Your take on life magic and lucifer are brilliant. Please post more stuff. I wish there were more people out there that wearnt afraid to speak there mind. More people should break the chains of the Catholic Church and stop listening to there dogma and retorich. I was indoctrinated as a child and broke my chains when I was 15. Thank you for your words.

  5. Truly an enlightend mind. I’m halt that I have stumbled upon your blog. Wether by happenstance or fate, I would love to compare thoughts with you sometime. It’s hard to have and intelligent conversation with people where I live. (No illuminated here)

  6. Follow this unique church that mixes the self-dependent quality of LaVeyanism and the progress-oriented aspect of atheistic Luciferianism! Thank you, spread the word!

  7. What a beautiful piece on Lucierfianism. I am currently reading and studying the LHP and Luciferinaism for a while now. I have been a practising Witch and psychic for quite a few years myself as well as having studied all world religions in the past. However since I actually saw and experienced “Lucifer” for the first time mid last year. It was the most incredible experience I have ever had in my life and it happened 4 more times… far? Of course I am now fascinated by all things Luciferianist. I am a member of the LRS but I haven’t had enough time since last year to log in. I just found your blog just now and I have enjoyed everything that I have read so far!
    I also like the fact that you refer to one of my favourite sayings, “Humans are all herd creatures, just like sheep”, sadly how true that is! However I feel somewhat more like a goat whilst amongst the herd”. LOL
    Many Dark Blessings to you!
    I look forward to reading so much more of your blog too:)

    • Thanks! I would like to hear how you saw and experienced Lucifer?
      Also I feel sad to say humans are herd creatures, sad because it is true. I wish it was not like this but it’s a fact, most people will just follow the herd instead of making their own decisions. Especially if they go against the norm. That is what makes Luciferians and children who are different … like the so-called “Indigo Children” for lack of a better understanding, kids growing up not aware of Luciferianism but who still have special talents, surreal intellect, perhaps even supernatural abilities, who are different, who are misunderstood by society, who are labeled as having mental illness, and so on.


  8. Loren Edward Kraushar said:

    Your all covered in piss anyways burn in hell losers.

  9. I belong to you beautiful Luciferian friends because I feel and think like you. I need you in my life.

  10. Madame Blavatsky has tought me who really is Lucifer/Satan: I love my magical Lucifer” symbol for is a powerful source of inspiration and divine Wisdom to me.

  11. MAGIC works. I got the full time job I wanted after only three day of rituals.

    Lucifer bless

    URSULA (Golden Dawn member)

  12. The article is very helpfull for me to understand Luciferianism. It’s not satanism I see.

  13. am really thankful to you Luciferianblog for what you doing….i believe i was born a luciferian but not knowing what it is but thanks to you for showing me the way;)

    • 😉 glad to help

      • It is always very inspirational reading your words and to know that although surrounded by bigots, I know there are Intelligent beings like you all. Lucifer/Satan is for me my High Mind and when I live in it I experience Power and Supreme Wisdom.
        Is when I live in my High mind that bullies run away: it’s amazing!
        I am thankful for you all.

  14. GUY SIMMONS said:

    ppl. don’t understand that Lucifer is not absolute.he is relative.therefore he is balanced consciousness

  15. lucifer is great

  16. Thankyou , for all the comments and your amazing blog , for me since the Luciferian calling , everything was clear , I felt free , got wisdom,and knowledge , to tell You the truth , I felt like I was sleeping and I woke up one day .
    Magic works , that’s why cautious what you wish for , thankyou again for your blog Always with the light.

  17. I’ve been reading this while trying to explore Luciferianism, and I worry the attitude from this particular Luciferianism is somewhat elitist. It offers good philosophy, but at the same time it feels a little too arrogant and bitterly condescending, at least from the Order of the Luciferian Sword. On the other hand, I should’ve expected much from a philosophy built around a being who, though heroic, is associated with pride.

  18. I love you guys, wish I could feel the same for the entirety that is humanity. But sadly many eschew logic and self-preservation and instead seek favor in the propagation of fear tactics, lies, and blatant disrespect for other humans. It is only the combined mentality of our ascendant order that he may find our true place in the universe as seekers and spreaders of knowledge in it’s purest forms without fear.

  19. Raziel Lucian Lekter said:

    This page is ran by a Luciferian philosopher. I think its got a lot of good information, if you get the time you should take a look.

  20. It’s rather ironical that you would consider people as a herd when you yourself is that of a lesser herd. All morality is subjective and meanigless. Life as well. What you lucerfarians don’t understand is that I the nihilist does not bow down to anyone or whom the subject is. Religion is the epitome of blindness and ignorance in which you state is your “enemy”. It all just a illusion and therefore temporary

  21. christopher m schenkel said:

    I have spent my entire life living by most of these rules. as well as teaching my son and never realized how true they always were. I am very happy that I found you’re site thank you. I am also interested in learning more.

  22. This isn’t something I’m normally interested in but I found your blog through another website. I thought this was a fun read.

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