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Luciferi primo cum sidere frigida rura
carpamus, dum mane novum, dum gramina canent



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  1. Hello fellow luciferian, I was going to email you about visualizing thoughts to make them reality.I recently read your post and about mind over illusion and it relates to the subject. I’m not sure if you have watched the movie ‘The secret’ it is very insightful and i believe that i as a luciferian have created many thoughts into my reality with enough positive thinking and belief. Using the law of attraction i believe anything is possible if your mind is focused on the end result. The other day i was watching Nova and the episodes were about quantum mechanics and time of reality. With quantum physics everything has already happened in ‘potential’ we just have to put forth the effort and energy to unlock that potential. Which brings me back to ‘The secret’ since our thoughts emit frequencies depending on how we feel and if we think about a certain situation we want to happen the more we think the more its likely to happen, like attracts like. We should focus on ourselves and not think about useless things and if we do then we should let them go on a positive thought so they don’t keep coming back. A while back i deleted my facebook to focus on myself and what i want to accomplish in the future using the law of attraction. I check up on this blog every couple days to see what new entries you have as i enjoy reading them and learning about interesting material. Thanks for reading any response would be appreciated thanks.

  2. Ave to you Milton,
    You brought up an interesting subject, one of which I will make a post about today about “the Secret”. I am honored that you check my blog that often. I promise to continue to make content that is inspiring and useful to myself and others.

  3. PLZ help me I am extremely interested in Luciferianism can some one PLZ tell me how I can except lu into my life I would really like some one to talk to my phone # is (number censored) and my email is please I am not a troll I just very much need help thank very much for your help
    PS I have unlimited long distance so if you can’t call me I can call you πŸ™‚

    Phone number removed for security reasons - LuciferianBlog

  4. Hi Logan. Hope you understand I could not publish your phone number here, since I do not know you and cannot be sure it is your phone number, or someone else’s. People may use your email address if they want to get in touch with you.

  5. Alex Jones said:

    Logan should join Luciferian Research Society for a start.

  6. i was wondering if i have a soul and hypothetically speaking if i do not have a soul is it still possible to make a deal with lucifer by offering my first born not as a sacrifice but as me carrying his seed and making a baby for him

  7. can summoning lucifer and signing a contract signed in blood work

  8. Alex Jones said:

    Hi LB, could you write an article on methods and good tools to increase the personal security of a Luciferian computer against the intrusive NSA and other intelligence agencies.

  9. Harvey Bhamra said:

    The eloquence of your luciferic truth is truly amazing. Interestingly through my deep personal experience with luciferianism I have always lived on the hairs breadth of darkness and light. This is what is termed as the silver lining of truth, where there is no dark without light.

    Being a Sikh one accepts the duality of man but also in some senses initiation to the mysteries is much more natural and the preservation of the left hand path is far more intuitive. Given that the left hand pillar number is 418 this describes the light frequency in nm of purple light. Purple of indigo is the Venusian frequency or should I say the true leveller of man.

    It is a lonely path which requires military discipline but also fearlessness, desirelessness and thoughtlessness. It is a state where man becomes his own diety by transcending the need to look forward or backwards and exist as pure presence.

    When man has no attachment to superstition and indoctrination and worships the light that passes through him he is united with the divine spark and transcendent knowledge.

    Given that being a luciferian means you exist in a 5:3 plane along the Fibonacci sequence you have a hard time associating or being amongst 2:1 ego based people. By this I mean that these individuals believe in an external or God separate from self.

    To exist in the world with this heightened perception and the ability to see the ether is difficult because the mouth speaks a different language to the ether.

    I have recently had an initiation experience where I was able to control light and able to cast out lies, it was rather occult but also very dangerous. The left hand path is one which affects karma to the core and it makes you a being that has transcended ones own karma

  10. The Beauty Of Wonder said:


    I am uncertain if in the past our interactions have been marred due to my consistently changing alias, first as Seeker then as many others which I cannot recall, however I would like to inform you that I am fully independent now as previously all my working was done from internet cafes, over the years I have made myself a fairly good way to stay constantly in touch with my blog.

    I am writing at a blog called The Beauty Of Wonder and have chosen WordPress as my host. I look forward o further interactions with both you and Alex as we have done in the past ( though I am aware Mr Jones has also retired from the community ). My past accounts at Path Of Illumination (Libertas) and Eyes of A Luciferian have become completely unrecoverable to me.

    Rajiv Sookdeo
    ( Seeker)

  11. I’m relativvely new to the term “Luciferian,” though I have been on for many years now. I love reading your blog, and was wondering if I could post this page: on my profile at I’m hoping to spread the idea of this a bit further, as well as save me the time of answering question that are already answered here. Cheers!

  12. Wicked, thanks a lot, and I’m excited for the next update!

  13. Joshua padilla said:

    Dear , Brother

    My name is Joshua Matthew Padilla and I was born on .07021984.00. I am the 27 I am also the 151 or the angel Gabriel in the flesh , see I was created at a 90* angle on the equinox of cancer. Puerto Rican and Seminole, and I have total recall not to mention the panaramic view. I have a bible that is wood goffer and acacia with the cross in scribed on the front. I’m in Arkansas where the sharon rose is I have the alchemy in my mind and full knowledge of both mother and father . I have be consu
    Ming and making colloidal silver my whole life, so the part partical of .9995 is alive in me . Plus Abba has allowed me to have total recall I remember so much he wants the world to know the Truth . The Chalice and the Blade and how the bride is the morning star and she is a she. All things to be proven by science math and by alchemy to make it manifest. I fear I don’t have much time I’m being targeted by orders who want the keys and I’m afraid it will be to late
    During these times it is hard for me to even be able to provide for myself I am somewhat homeless not live the life that most people would say that I should have been living and it’s hard for me it’s hard for me to have to accept this responsibility because I realized what the outcome will be nobody wants to know the truth about the greatest love story known to man it’s about the bride and her groom and he is coming to bring her home the true story of a Chemical Romance of the chalice and the blade of the Creator and his creation we are just the specktators the angels that were there I was just the one that had to write the notes brother please help me I’m afraid that the wrong hands take it all which is with some very near but the keys but was given the Solomon and enough for this right and that will endorse good knowledge the binaries will be lost

  14. Arnaldo Ramirez said:

    Hi, is good to see you back, I`ve been coming to your blog frequently wondering if you will ever come back, but luckily you are :).
    I live on Scandinavia, and I would appreciate a lot if you can tell me where can I be initiated, since I don `t believe in self initiation.
    Thank you in advance and keep posting , your posts are much appreciated.

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