Well, dear readers. It’s been another while since I wrote something on this blog, something that started as an experiment years ago exploring Luciferianism by my self. This is why I called it LuciferianBlog, because, as it was and as it is, it is a Luciferian’s blog, not one of many but one of few.

Some of you may notice the delays in my book I am writing. This is for good reason. Two things has happened since my last entry. One has to do with my inner process and the other has to do with the outer process, in the interaction with my readers.

My inner and outer process related to Luciferianism

Without going into too much details here, as I said, this blog started out as an experiment years ago, and I still do not regret it, after all, I embrace it, and continue even more determined to finish my work: “So, you want to become a Luciferian?”. But I have learned more about the bigger picture than anyone including myself could imagine. My method was simple in the beginning, it was inspired by the Luciferian Principles written down years ago by an obscure group called the “Luciferian Sword”, from which I got to know one of the founding figures, you can imagine a young handsome nobleman, of great riches, talents and exquisite taste of life, and a great visionary. Then, what followed was a mix of energies of allowing in certain very Lunar and Lycan forces into my projection and ideal of a Luciferian archetype, and the idea of a godhead mixed with Gnostic ideas, sprinkled with eastern and western philosophy and magick, and followed by a whole mix of ideas and impulses drawn from many sources high and low, east and west, left and right. For many years, this chaos sat in my blog and just wasn’t evened out, explained well, not any coherent story. Attracting comments from near and far, there were some people appreciating and being drawn in to my blog (thanks for the support, and yes, the book is primarily for you). Then there were the clueless people who want to “get rich fast by making a deal with the devil” and so on. Then there were most of the silent majority, and then finally, there were real Adepts out there, who every now and then would comment on small fragments of text that I had pulled out of context, or made some seemingly impossible projection or thoughts out of. And they are correct to point out the kind of esoteric mistakes I surely make concerning certain debauchery and anything to do with Christian tradition, especially the secret esoteric teaching of said tradition. Yet they did not know my purpose in mixing up and projecting all these imbalanced ingredients, and neither did I – until I realized how it looks like, and yes you can view this blog as a construction site for a book. I needed to blog because I needed to share some seemingly unrelated and random stuff, but also to test ideas, and to get feedback. One tends to learn less in a vacuum, but more when people comment. Not only that. But some of the questions I got over the years, I was not advanced enough in my development esoterically, or magickally, to comprehend them. Now, I am not an Adept at all mysteries that there is, but I trust myself to recently having attained enough now, that I can finally sort A from B, and not fall into the trap of mixing different worldviews in such a way that the message is lost in lies. I think herein can be found the danger: what goes on in one head of unfinished ideas, should not really be unleashed unless there is consensus around basic truths, from an academic standpoint. That is why the book is delayed, so that I can sort certain holes and missing threads that needs to be sorted so that the book can truly stand on its own.

The book

My plans for the book is that it will be one to keep in a shelf as a reference on Luciferianism not from an objective standpoint but from my journey and it will serve as an inspiration to others to follow. And to clear some important misunderstandings. That is why I want to take great care not to introduce new misunderstandings. With this new perspective, some chapters I have in my draft which pass themselves to be objective, will no longer pretend to be objective truth, but will be rewritten in a more subjective way, as it shows a little more respect to you, the reader, to decide what is what. Even if you are a fan of this blog, a casual reader, a critic or an Adept of the mysteries of any tradition.

I am happy that I finally can decide on how to finish the book and will announce its readiness soon!