Something tells me this Cola tin is ready to burst. It’s typical. Here I am, a humble Luciferian, about to update his blog. Pulling a can out of the fridge, since I rarely drink beer or alcohol, (but I have to drink something unhealthy sometimes), and it has this kind of dent.

I am busy writing my books, which takes up a LOT of free time. So it is, that the house is a little bit more messy than usual, and other projects are falling a little short. Still, my magickal work has number one priority. Second is work, keeping a roof over my head.

My private company is going well, and I now have employees who work for me. I have among them a woman with clairvoyant skills and a modern witch, also the same person who taught me tarot years ago, today broke her mobile phone. So I had to work my technical magick and fixed it temporarily with just the right kind of bending of the screen (it has an internal connection fault). And I bought a new smartphone – a Sony XZ2 5.7″ screen via my company. Which she will get tomorrow via mail. So I am providing for several people this way, like a father… even though she is almost twice my age and I look half her age. Wierd stuff.

The new house is from the 50s so it has a soul. People who care say its haunted, and several people have felt ghosts when they are alone here and I am not around. I never noticed, however, since I was quick to consecrate the whole house to my purposes as I moved in.

The neighbouring farms here are going about their normal business. Horses roam freely in the fields, I have been spending time with a white stallion sharing breaths under the moonlight. Very good for my Lunar side. And very Lunar.

I’ve a few young magickians I am tutoring at the moment, not into Luciferianism, which I feel is more for mature occultists, but into more traditional western esoteric systems that are easier to map one’s process onto, and later they can “freestyle” it using any kind of system, including mine (which is not a system, but hey, maybe after three books..)

More soon,