Why a Luciferian path?

My personal journey to Luciferianism will be described in more detail in my upcoming book. But to sum it up, as a child I always felt a very spiritual connection to the forest and nature, and I could sense a place in it as someone who were destined to have magickal powers. Over the years, I rejected traditional dogmatic Christianity, while still searching for answers, I was not a typical atheist, as my repulsion for religion was not based on aversion for anything spiritual or supernatural, rather it was a dissappointment to religion not being correct, as there is a higher goal, we just need to find it. Then a few years detour deep into Zen, and Hinduism, Tibetan mantras.. until I discovered Tarot cards and the Kabbalah, and Western Esoteric systems, an Gnosticism. I realised that there is a higher goal, and that there is one mystery, and you can approach this mystery from many angles, one by one, or all at once. Even conflicting systems, you can work with it, through it, transcend it, work beside it, and so on. The key here is the same in all magick, which is the magickal genius, symbolised eternally as stealing fire from the gods. It helps therefore, to have a myth, and that myth goes basically like this:

A long time ago, everything was perfect and balanced. Then something (let’s call it God, as in the demiurge) fucked up, and the world fell. Man, fell with it, even if they carried with them the flame of the perfect balance. Lucifer loved us so he fell with us, beyond Man, into the Hells below. Banished from the heaven controlled by the archonts and the demiurge, and even finding it difficult to stay with Man due to the demiurge and archontic forces conspiracy to hide the perfection and balance, only a few select could rise above, and become more than Man, they could embody Lucifer, and recreate the original, true God, in their image. 

Or words to that effect. You see, I have seen many “Luciferians” come and go, most of them profess a Left Hand Path that resemble Satanism and they reject Right Hand Path traditions or worshipping any entity. Satanism isnt Luciferianism. Where Satan is a universal force (destruction, chaos, darkness), Lucifer is a different one (beauty, creativity, light). The real Christ (not the one the Bible Thumpers would push) is that of a Morning Star that is none other than Lucifer, bringer of Light.

Through communion with Lucifer, we can manifest this Light into our own lives and into the world.

There is no salvation, except working towards reintegration and your delivery from the archontic forces, there is only one mystery and that mystery can be approached from any angle, some are more successful than others.

Is there such a thing as a superiour force?

Yes, as you are insignificant, you need air, water, food and shelter to survive, your existance is clearly limited. Your decaying and ageing body is a material prison that dies off like every cell will eventually collapse as it contains its own fucking time bomb set to destroy itself at a certain interval.

The higher powers are objectively those powers that transcend death, and I think C G Jung was closest to try to explain this in Muggle terms using scientific lingo. But past masters by the thousands before, as the thousands after him, has shown the way: firstly to transcend the arcontic forces here on earth and perfect every sense as well as harness the energy of the unverse, and manipulate it through magick. secondly, to continue existing past death in order to help other potential masters go beyond. Or simply to go beyond.

Of only one thing I am sure, what lies beyond death is a mystery, so even if we can only attain the first goal, of having this life mastering the powers of the universe to the fullest extent, is living life to its full potential and so becomes well worth doing.

Why does the fucking daylight of the sun hurt so much?

I found that daylight contains so much noise, that I like to work using occult methods in a dark place. That does not mean I am not full of light, it just means I want to isolate forces and work with them individually, and also escape the beauty of nature so as to not make the work exposed to too much noise. Sensory impression.

Muggles handle it because they have not tuned their senses. Were they to look at the world in the sunlight and see all the reflections from all the dimensions they would get a fucking headache.

How to survive in this limited physical existance?

I found that it helps to work alone and undisturbed in cultivating occultism, and to invoke Lucifer into your life by song and dance, and let this primordial angel of rebellion take over, not for you to become just another person arguing as a tiny pawn in the great game of deception played out by the archonts and the demiurge, nay, it will be more like this:

Get a job or start a business, make sure you have money and food on the table, and shelter. You see this is your first priority. Study divination, the law of attraction and magick as well as inner and outer alchemy to make this work. You need a foundation to work – this is your basic needs.

Be hidden as you work or play with the Muggles. Just play their game and avoid being played by them or let their limitations and annoyances (especially when they advertadly or inadvertadly project their negative energy onto you..) + (this last part is especially true of lovers and family as well).

Then work the mysteries, I cant tell you how, but maybe you should work with the system you were born in. If you were, like me, raised in a western world, like Europe, you will be familiar with esoteric christianity, freemasonry and so on. If you are african then work with Voodo or Hoodo… if you are asian, well then you should look at Tibetan book of the dead, if you are arabic work with Sufism… Work with what you can, but get yourself some god damn good teachers, if you can, and remember, it is  better to work alone and work well than to work with bad or incapable teachers.. be warned.

How to connect?

I have tried the naive way of tutoring people and I have also got emails with “please help me, I am desperate” or “please how can I call upon Lucifer <in order to get powers>”, etc. Sadly this is not how it works.

The teachings will come to you when you are ready, and only if you are ready.

Perform the tips in my book and the teacher and knowledge and power will appear, not thanks to me, but due to your work, and your work alone, your karma, and these powers have a tendency to seek out those few who are worthy.