A Luciferian is someone who has reached a level of understanding of the occult (that which is hidden to the mundane world), which can also be understood as a level of Gnosis attained, of level of initiation, that has to be on a certain level, so that the Luciferian ideal can be proclaimed.

Mercurius, the messenger god, or Prometheus, or Hermes.. all express different aspects of this ideal .. through my blog I have tried to define, experiment and communicate what this idea really is.

I understand now that I really should be focused on getting my book done so that I can conclude this experiment.

Some parts of the great mystery in alchemy, as the road one must take to understand the quintessence, is not my goal to communicate.

My goal is to communicate something, that can best be understood as an ideal, therefore an egregore, therefore also in a way a god-form, or aligning oneself with a kind of current that is not part of any order but lives outside time and human life, yet mingles intimately with it.

Lucifer, Christ, the eternal logos, or Osiris, or Krishna, are all different “tastes” to the one mystery that in it contains infinite light and infinite darkness at the same time, as to really understand the quintessence one must go beyond polarity like light, dark or good and evil.

But I find that being Luciferian, living the Luciferian path, is a really unique and free way for me to express what I just feel is right. If someone disagree, then fine. No problem. I notice there are people there who seem to think I am on to something here, and read my blog (still after all these years) and I think my blog is so crappy, but maybe it has something, a tiny speck of gold after all, that people like.

Even after not writing for amost 4 months (!) I still get emails from people that think the way I do and who appreciate my blog. So this is for you, as well as all of you out there who hasn’t realized this thing yet.

So I am working harder to finish my book. I am in a much better place now that ever before, both mentally, energy-wise and even to the extent that I will add many chapters, so many that there will probably be a second book and a third.

It will be a trilogy.