Recently I was out on town with an old friend, we grew up together and have been friends since childhood. I think we met when I was eight years old, he was a year younger than me. We grew up and lost contact.

Many years later, as adults we met again. As it turns out, he also became an occultist, only our ways are very different. I have my complex relation with high magick, gnosticism and this Lucifer thing, but he choose a kind of Satanism that isn’t the Joy of Satan, Church of Satan, Spiritual Satanism or any variant of what seems to be the norm these days.

No, my satanist friend has it mostly figured out for himself. I guess the egregore of Warhammer (the very dark american anime series and figures) opened up to him and allowed him to channel some deep dark forces, say, Venus, Lilith, Babalon.. all under a kind of gnostic approach to Satanism. Not secular, not atheist yet not spiritual in the sense of worshipping Satan as a deity, but more the kind of mystic approach to Satanism, and with a healthy balance of his homegrown, practically oriented, no-shortcuts straight-to-the-point version of low magick.

Come friday on the day of our meeting, My colleagues wondered why I left the car at work. “But you never go out”. Yeah. You’d wish. They never knew how much fun I have sometimes, but this time it was bleeding obvious. I had planned to meet my satanist friend at a pub, and have a few beers.

What a rollercoaster and what decadence. The little devil bought me Absinth.. to wash down the lager. I was impressed. We had a lot of good discussions. Very good. The first thing was, apart from realizing that we both take a similar-kind of self-made onlook on things, him being very much aligned with my views (of course ableit his different personal style/approach to it, we agreed we have a similar way, not identical, but similar, which comes from a kind of gnostic standpoint).

But the second thing, and this blew my mind, is that he had read my blog, and found it interesting, and only realized much later that it was my fucking blog after I gave him the link at some time.

It does blow my mind that an occultist friend stumble across my blog, among 10.000’s of blogs out there, on Luciferianism, of all things. Not realising it was mine until later.