My first memory was after I was one year old. From that point I had all senses and memory.

I could read and write before age four. At age five I owned a typewriter and used it every day. It was around this time I started to read books.

My first sexual fantasy was at the same age, having orgies with my peers (male and female).

My parents always could see me thrive in the forest. I would connect with all the plants, insects and animals. I would run around naked.

After age seven, I could also understand english. I think what ruins it for most kids these days is subtitles and dubbing. Kids should watch TV shows and movies in their original language. After all, kids are natural language learners. .

My first real meeting with the occult was of course the books my mom had, which were occult. Some of them were kind of scary, and I would imagine ghosts coming out of my closet or from under my bed. But lucky for me, apart from some horrible dreams I didnt see many apparitions.

Through television, I came across occult-inspired TV horror series like tales of the unexpected and twilight zone, both of which were kind of scary due to some of the implied morale of the story, that shit doesnt always go as expected, especially in occult matters.

I was not afraid of the evil itself, but more of the kind of illusion people would get themselves into, it would be a kind of sympathy pain for me whenever the hero og one of these late night television shows got himself or themselves into big trouble.

I watched the Exorcist, and what scared me the most was more the medical procedures and level of quality of the same during the 1970’s.. . the occult stuff was kind of omnious, but not in a scary way. I was dissappointed that the priest as an exorcist did not go deeper than to read some random passages from the bible and throw holy water around. And I was dissappointed that the demonic possession was of such a lesser being.

Films like Omen was more dark, and yes, very unnerving, mostly because of the saturated evil throughout. Not so much due to special effects or any real talent in storytelling. I guess the creators of these shows did not know much about anything, but they did channel some stuff anyway.

I realised of course that there are dark currents that you could tap into. Powers that give you power, in the way that transgressing social norms would. As the level of understanding was to tap lightly into the left hand path, much in the same way as enyoing easy listening music instead of a 7-hour opera, of course the raw material was there, to be used, even if I would not hear or understand much about symbols, numbers or correspondances.

I recognised the potency of Voodo, churches, cemeteries, oiuja boards, etc enough to not play with those currents haphazardly, as did my friends during the 1980s. Some of them did very stupid things which should never be done: bloody mary or similar things done in dark rooms in front of mirrors and a candle. I knew some things are too much to handle so I didn’t go there.

Instead, to prepare me for what came later in my life, I learned not to fear the dark nor cemetaries, nor ghosts or evil spirits. I exposed myself to being in a forest during night, taking in all the experience. Ghosts and spirits I would greet them, and offer friendship instead of fleeing in terror. I made many friends and few enemies.

Only many, many years later, was I taught in a systematic way.

Lesson to be learned: When you as a child emerge as an old soul, and deal with the occult in an adult way, the ways of the occult will open up to you.