I get this question a lot. When it comes to my take on Luciferianism,  whether or not you are a Luciferian or not, or whether you follow my line of thinking closely or not, I think my book will explain it all.

In ancient alchemy, there were two paths to take to attain the Philosopher’s Stone. Its basically a fork in the road and you need to choose these to.

If you are competent enough, you and your astral double could travel both starting at the same time, in that way you have to deal with the dangers and benefits of both roads, but there is no guarantee you will make it. (Never mind the stuff i striked out if you dont get it – it was not meant seriously) So I suggest you choose one, before starting another.

The dry path is the most dangerous and fast way. In simple alchemical laboratory terms, it was using minerals. As such a wrong lab experiment could kill you instantly. Psychologically speaking, attaining the Stone too fast, could lead to insanity. The wet path, on the other hand, correspond to the  vegetable or vitriol laboratory work, it would need to be mixed and sit for a forthnight. Here begins the work of the magickian, the patient one.

If you want to begin to learn Magick in a theoretical way, there is tons of material available on the internet. While it may satisfy your mental jerkoffness and make you into yet another armchair magickian (like an athlete in a wheelchair), go ahead. Or if you want to become another hippie taking Ayhuasca or Iboga (my spellchecker doesnt know how to spell this and that is something we agree on) then so be my guest. Or you want to become another Emo or wannabe Satanist or just another atheist OTO’er or LHP’er, so be it.

To REALLY learn Magick and make you into a real Magickian, you need to be initiated. I do not mean to join a fucking Skype meeting, or to meet up in funny dresses and go through what is basically yet-another-freemason-style-pomp-ceremony, but I mean you need to join a system that has a real egregore that is working toward a certain aim, make damn sure that aim is your aim, and make sure there is a lineage to real masters, and that there is a tradition that is a LIVING tradition and not a DEAD tradition. You need the oral teachings that cannot be transmitted just by reading a book. That is why you could be initiated in a ritual, that you already read, but because someone is actuallty performing magick as the ritual goes on, although from an intellectual standpoint you thought you knew everything, you gain what is invisible and unutterable. That is the seed that is planted in you which needs to grow – like the wet path – for 14 days, for a month, for 9 months or a year or three years. Up to you how fertile your soil is and how you water your plant. If you are willing to travel to Scandinavia I could point you to a competent place that I would recommend but I make no promises. It all depends on you. But to do High Magick you should look into the Golden Dawn system of Magick. Most orders are crap however. Those who are good orders today might not be good tomorrow. Dont join BOTA, Dragon Rouge or any such orders unless you want to jerk off.

Want to self-initiate? Good luck, I can offer no advice, since you would then pretent to know more than all the past masters in the worl. Good luck again. But hey, if you make it you could be a next master, who knows. Just dont try to teach others, you’re on your own.

Want to work almost alone? Lone wolf syndrome? Congratulations, you could join the A.:.A.:. .. I could point you where to go, just send me an email in the Contact section. (I am not saying I am member of A.:.A.:.).

Want to do the dry path? Really? Congratulations, you are basically fucked, since I do not know many who did it. There is a benefit that you will reach a very high level fast, and there is a risk that you won’t be able to use it for much other than realising Gnosis, so that is why I think that the Dry path is best for people who want to work from a Gnostic standpoint and not actually do much Magick. If you know Zen or do martial arts, or similar, then good. If youre a drugtaking hippie, good.

If you’re a hashish-smoking naturist hippie, then you should try the Wet Path using any low-magick system, which means you could do Hoodo/Santeria or work with Wicca.

I will make this more clear in my book. I feel no other Luciferian books currently explain what I try to express. That is why I need to write one.

I feel a Luciferian should master the wet and dry path & the secret work of alchemy, hence I feel low and high magick is necessary skills to know.

Modern Magick by Donald M. Kraig is a good beginner’s book in Magick, and it doesn’t favour any system. Ultimately you need to decide what to work in but there is a lot of crap out there, so again, dont take everything literally, test everything, and get good tutors and teachers that know the tradition and who has a working egregore and lineages to a system that work. I dont know every system but the GD is a system I know works, however as I said, many orders decay and become stupid, like most orders do, its not the GD’s fault, its the human equation.