Image: From Oslo Folk Museum. Shows old houses that were common here many centuries ago. 

A home for a mortal man is his castle. For a Luciferian, a home is not only a castle, it’s a sanctuary, a temple, a place of contemplation, work and play.

Especially true for a Luciferian who is a Luciferian not just by mental philosophy, but by magick, and emanating energies in every dimension and level of existence.

So I came up with the idea of describing how I arranged my house, and some of its mysteries to shed light on how it does reflect my Luciferian nature. This is so you, the reader, can be inspired and/or entertained.

Step 1: Getting a house. In today’s market, and with the Muggles who live their lives according to the whim and influence of people with money and power, it is of course difficult to buy real estate. A Luciferian must perhaps rent an apartment for many years first, and build up his economy, saving cash, and taking work, not only as a mere employee, serving up to rich owners, but becoming an entrepreneur. That is to say, perhaps even do both, so that a Luciferian has two legs to stand on: a fixed income from a regular job, and a flexible income from a business that he runs on the side. Enjoying the fruits of the combined ways of labour, and using every opportunity to generate value, to get currency, which will be used to invest in property for himself, his work and his lover and beloved brothers/sisters who are kindred hearts.

So, finally a Luciferian will search online for months, until several candidate houses appear. He will go to viewings, and in my experience, instantly feel the energy of the place, of course sullied by Muggles (although evidently not always) and to see if the combined energy patterns and Feng Shui could be shaped or hammered into what he wants.

Step 2. Location and decision. Suddenly the viewing could be a house that is perfect – in location, amenities, function, form, and so on. One must then decide. Will the property need refurbishing or construction? Does the heating and water, electricity etc, need work? And so on. I chose a house in the forest, away from people but not too far away, so the house is still near a village, although it is still a very independent structure with no immediate neighbours.

Once location has been selected it is time to initiate the next phase, of course after clearing economics and paperwork necessary to buy the property.

Step 3. Logistics. The move itself can be performed almost for free. Buy a used van, a white anonymous van that you can use for moving, and invite friends and family to help you move your stuff. After moving you can, with a little mechanical skill, make sure the van is technically sound, and then sell the van with a small profit, meaning the move only cost you your own muscle work, and with money to spare, instead of spending money to rent a car or to pay expensive movers.

Step 4. As soon as you are in your new house you want to unpack and put things into place. Of course not haphazardly but with intention and thought. Then you repair, fix, and arrange things the way you want them.

You also want to ritually purify, consecrate etc using incense, salt, water etc and make sure old energy patterns are either banished, realigned, repurposed or put to good use. You want the subtle energies to resonate with your work.

On a practical note, I like to have radio-controlled switches so that I can switch on and off lights using a remote control. (Using magick is also possible, and at one time I have controlled one relay by accident, but this is difficult and probably hard to master controllably – but one could always try).

I have a European washing machine, but I also have a Chinese washing machine which is simpler and more economic, so I can wash some stuff economically.

I have optional electric heating with wi-fi controls, but I also use a woodstove whenever possible, and I am getting deliveries of wood and produce from local peasants, who are nice and can provide their services and equipment, usually one can make deals and network with the locals to exchange services, goods, etc in an old-fashioned, organic way.

I do not fit in with the locals, though, I look in my twenties, but have a large property and drive a four-wheeled drive car which is quite – I wouldn’t say posh – but it’s a kind of car that a young man would probably not be driving. I dont look like a local, I have a more refined look and feel yet there is the obvious sexuality that radiates from me and which is part of my normal magickal operation – a lot of my magick works on principles of sex magick and prana yoga.

This is of course not immediately noticed as such, except for friends who are advanced in sex magick or who are real practicing adepts in esoteric work, but Muggles seem to notice something, even if they could never imagine what it is.

Whenever I enter a room, usually lights will flicker a little, and people are a little triggered, either charmed or they sense some unusual energy. Which is OK, but it is something I notice.

Electricians or workers that I call on to do work in the house also sense my high-energy aura, and of course the energy patterns I install in the house. They can sometimes be confused by it and start a long line of questions like “so you moved out here from Oslo?” “Are you married?” “What do you work with?” “Why did you move here?” and so on, their curiosity hungry for answers, but the more I try to casually maintain a conversation while also keeping a distance, the more their curious hunger increase.

Step 5. Finalizing. After all the work has been done, your new house, attained by Luciferian work, is now a Luciferian house. It has the things you need, it has the rooms you dedicated and consecrated, for their mundane purposes, or in the case of a Temple room, for spiritual purposes, whatever it may be. A couple of guest rooms for guests, and of course plenty of food, drink and so on for every occasion.

The house is now a Luciferians castle as well as sanctuary – to protect not only against the elements, but the elementals, and to be a focal point for working with the zodiac and planets, and energies, pure Will and purposes that are set forth, by magick, by karma or other, nevertheless continually emanating and shaping his destiny.

Forest nearby: animals notice something is different, and old paths made by animals passing by for centuries may change. Black birds may be attracted, especially crows, some will crash into your window. I have Wolves also nearby, although I have a spiritual connection with them, they stay away, for now.

A predatory hawk, whom the neighbours complained took cats, is nowhere to be seen, since i moved in.