After a hiatus of almost one year, which was a little bit more than I thought, I return once again to my blog. With a lot of transformations. I relocated to a house deep in the Norwegian forest. Materially I can say I am now quite satisfied as most of my plans have now converged to where I can move on without thinking of material needs, although I must admit, all my focus and energy has went into this mundane plan.

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After finishing a dedicated temple room in my house, and settled most scores on the material plane, my time and energy can yet again be focused on work on the greater realms.

I have been thinking a lot about the direction and purpose of this blog. And read up on comments from the last year, a bit sad that I left so many of them unanswered. But this time of incubation has been necessary to really crack the big question.

Now what? So do I disappear again? Nope. The legacy of this blog I let it be. I will write new and better posts and be in touch with people. The book I was supposed to write is going to be finished.

I will begin immediately by saying what Luciferianism means to me personally from now on, just to set the record straight. Invoking Lucifer, and embracing Luciferianism as my ‘personal doctrine’ or ‘personal credo’ /or even ‘religion’ if you will..) was a life choice I made in 2010 (ish) after many years of work with Zen meditation and also from some years as a serious practicioner of Occultism. As with any magickal/mystical/philosophical undertaking, this is not for the faint of heart and was not to be undertaken lightly.

The thing you have to understand, is that all this time, as I have stated more or less clearly before, this work happened in parallell with my occult work, which does collide with, and have a different purpose, than my selfmade (however somewhat inspired) instance of Luciferianism.

So did my goals change? No. My goals of my occult work were and are the same, I can only see much clearer. Luciferianism is not compatible with this work, yet I shall say against my mentors that yes, indeed, it was part of my process, and in a way it still is.

Because what it really boils down to is this: I practise the right hand path and left hand path at the same time. Now, in the circles of occult teachers from both camps, this of course is frowned upon, to say the least, as they are mortal enemies. (I say this with tounge-in-cheek, but really, its serious enough either way the placement of tounges).

Lesser beings would make a choice: right or left, and that’s that. Not me. (*sips another slurp of red wine*) No, not me. I choose not to de-identify as a Luciferian individual, which by definition falls into the ‘left hand path’ category, although I am not in a group on the left hand path nor do I seek to join one or start one. Yet I extend friendly relations with brothers and sisters, who like me, feel they are different. But I am not an authority on Luciferianism. Nor do I think Lucifer is a platonic non-theistic thing, nor do I think that Lucifer is a real living being according to bibles or folklore, but the answer is somewhere in between. As a living archetype, possibly affected by egregore(s) but one that you can remake in your personal image, as is such a beautiful thing with discovering your ego and Lunar sides. But these will NOT take you into solar conciousness. Use it for your use – use it for what it is. It wont give you immortality but it will help make your nepesh more memorable – and it can be a valuable help along the way. I know this for a fact.

Higher and more intelligent beings who are on the left hand path would probably frown upon the idea of ever working with the right hand path. Well, yes, if you only work with the right hand path. But sometimes you need to use both hands, if you are going to fuck something really good. Lets leave it at that. And I am happy that the system I work in embrace no difference in right or left, since each is used for its own cause, which is the One True Mystery ™ . (1)

(1) The One True Mystery is that mystery which cannot be explained, it has to be attained through hard work and many years of work, in pain and suffering, or, as the story goes, one could see glimpses of it through meditation, sexual extasy, drugs or magick. But the true wisdom of that universal truth is what everyone ultimately wants. Because beyond the basic needs, there is more, more, until beauty points at the true answer, that which is neither dual or describable, not good, not evil, and is beyond the reach of most mortals yet lives inside all as potential realized by very few. 

Enough about me, its time for me to comment on the state of the world.

Well there is not much to say really, its all going to hell. Work on esoterics and inwards work of self-realization, self-deification, and seeking access to hidden mysteries and the one true mystery, is the imperative of every enlightened being.

Do not involve yourself in the mundane world (2).

(2) Except that as I mentioned, the mundane world fucks you in the ass, and even if you generally like being fucked in the ass, it doesn’t feel good when the world fucks you in the ass, because that kind of fucking is so fucked up. Many of the comments I received are desperate people, who need help, and they want to invoke Lucifer, strike some deal, or ask me what to do. 

I could say that invoking Lucifer, or trying to make a deal with Lucifer, or with some Voodo spirit or lesser spirit, or Solomonic or Demonic magick would help you. The answer is yes and no.


No it wont help you – unless you are able to work with identifying the causes and effects of why you are in this situation in general.

And karma is a bitch

Yes it will help you – because magick works.

There is no “simple solution” or “quick fix”, although low magick works, because it is, well, low magick. So Voodo will get you quick results without much effort, but High Magick will take a lot of time (years instead of days) but I promise that it will give better results for you. If you can handle the consequences.

If you are poor, most likely its your fault. I have been poor before. Imagine sleeping on the hard floor in a room without furniture for 6 months while having nothing to eat – which is what happened to me once around 10 years ago. I needed this experience to stop blaming others for my own failiures. Such a wake up call makes wonders for your ego.

But where the right handers sometimes err, is when they try to kill the ego. You need to use that little fucker so your ego works FOR you. Work that alchemical fire. This is a particularly dangerous fire so it will be like playing with fire (pun intended) but once you figure that shit out – the world is yours.