Escape. I am Free, even for a moment, I take some time to walk from Civilization into Wilderness, untouched by Human Hands. Divine Spirits and Lesser Devils are my friend today.

Blue Skies, open fields, I am walking through Golden Sunlight, drawn in by the Forest’s promise of cool shelter and Healing Energy.

As in a trance, I enter the Forest and let Nature embrace me surrounded by Trees whispering wisdom, as birds, green growth, and every living thing greet me as their friend. I arrive at a pond, the black water is still. Suddenly the forest quiets.

Lucifer appears as a beautiful young man, and speaks:

In your journeys in the Mundane World I have been with you, suffered with you, cried with you. Yet as we are now here surrounded by Nature’s perfect harmony — the black Earth is witness to your Pain, it is time for you to Reflect.

I look beside his beautiful body and gaze into a the pond in the forest, and see my reflection in the water. I see Lucifer.

I am He, and He is my Light, the True Light I emanate.

I realize the illusion of the False World, the Artificial World, and the Divided World, that corruption brought forth by the Automaton, the Demi-Urge, the False God, but which also corrupts all that is structure and ruled under the Laws of the Archonts, and the jealous God who threw Lucifer, most beautiful of all the Angels, down into the Earth, to Fall with Earth into Blackness.

But as gold is buried in Earth, this jealous ruler-God could not corrupt the Gold that survived the Flames in the Earth, and could not extinguish the Light that was Stolen from the Gods in Heaven. 

All Sentient Beings long for the Healing of Earth, and its Restoration into its former glory. Lucifer, suffered most for me, because I am Him and He is Me. 

I emerge from the woods, charged by the Lunar energies of the plants, animals and spirits in the Earth and in the Forest.

I go back into the world of Men and Concrete.

But I carry the spirit of Many of Nature and the Earth, and behind my Eyes, Through My Eyes, Lucifer Looks at the World.

It’s time.