How have you all been? I guess you wondered where I’ve been. I have traveled long and far, and into some countries where the internet is not readily available. Yes there is still places on the planet that are not connected. Places like Tibet, Siberia, Mongolia and the Arctic, to name a few.

I have been a bit to and from more connected places like Norway and Sweden too, and basically been on the road, had little or no time to keep up with this blog.

My most important work right now in terms of Luciferianism, is to finish the book I am working on. It will be my manifestation of the work within Luciferianism, and it will first and foremost be a practical book. I care not so much for academic dryness, my heart burns for dealing directly with the kind of forces involved in such a step:

  • To declare yourself as Luciferian, even just by yourself, is by its own nature, a dramatic step, and it unlocks some powerful left hand path energies, given the nature and stigma of the word “Lucifer” and the society/many egregores that intertwine and project illusions and un-necessary connections between that entity of “Lucifer” and “Satan” (Ha-Shataan).
  • To step into a left hand path, by itself, unlocks energies and changes you.
  • Dealing with the forces from a Luciferian perspective, stepping into an occult mindset.
  • Applying Luciferianism to your life.
  • Becoming a teacher by yourself. to yourself and onto others.
  • And, finally, learning from your mistakes. Mistakes are not due to being Luciferian by itself, but you are bound to make some serious projections, assumptions, and it would be wrong to say that during your journey you will not change your views a couple of times. Just listen to your guardian Daemon.

I got a question in one of my comments about the guardian Daemon.

Do you know anything about the personal Daemon a Luciferian has? This may sound weird but I speak to this entity. He says he is apart of me / connected to me. He doesn’t have a name. Just that he offers me advice. Would this be correct?

My answer to that is, yes, I have a Daemon, he doesn’t have a name but I know him well. It is a he. He sometimes appear as a Wolf, and sometimes as a timeless youth, but an old soul indeed.

He speaks not in parables or in academic terms, citing works nor showing too cryptic enigmas as riddles to be solved. No, he will be more the silent companion who is both a protector and advisor, and one who will not say, but telepathically send “I told you so” whenever you fuck up.


More to come.