how_to_make_sourdough_08213_16x9Most traditional food was since ancient times designed and evolved into saving time and evolving our species, but recent modern shortcuts has introduced flaws in this process and creates a health problem. Here is why.

It is very important to eat a healthy diet. One of the things that surprised me, is how simple some changes can be to ensure a healthy body. A modern problem today is that many are suffering from health issues, especially due to their diet. Your diet is the physical body’s sustenance and by alchemical processes its way of obtaining energy thereby staying in existance.

I will now analyze food, especially bread, from a Luciferian perspective, to clear up some issues surrounding the food people eat and the health issues that arise from eating the wrong kind of food.

Animals are also spiritual, just like humans. One could say humans are just another animal. But as far as what is known, humans are the only species on earth that millions of years ago started to cook their food with fire.

Prometheus stole the fire from the gods, or so the story goes. So what really happens when we cook food by the element of fire? An alchemical transmutation happens, and in the case of meat, some 3000+ chemical compounds form, and in the case of bread, many complex starch and proteins starts breaking down.

Why? What is the benefit of cooking?

Some animals that eat raw food, like raw meat or raw high-fibre vegetables, need an incredible amount of time and energy to procure, process and make use of the energy stored in that food.

Because the human animal developed and evolved into a higher-level being, investing more and more time to activities that isn’t just basic survival like sleep, eat, and procreate, but to create tools, build dwelling, create advanced social structures, evolve the arts, engineering, science and religion.. all this time needed to be saved.

Eating only raw food is highly taxing on the body.  Breaking down food by cooking helps save time for digestion, since digestion now becomes much easier. The human body adapted.

In a tribal society this worked well, and increased happiness. Still today, among tribes in the amazon that are still in this lifestyle, one tends to find they are generally very healthy and happy.

During the middle ages, however, most of the population was poor and still slaved to uphold a higher class, so that only the very rich could have time to work with alchemy, spiritual development or the arts or science.

Then came the explosion of knowledge, somewhere around the time when Masonry flourished and revived the lost arts of Egypt and Babylon. Medical science, knowledge and understanding increased. Of course for every action there is a reaction: centuries of ignorance and wars erupted, and continue to this day, the disharmony with nature and general greed and idiocy of the human animal is a bleak contrast to all the advances being made since the 1700’s.

I am getting to the point, soon.

Breadmaking involves all the five elements, water, earth, fire, air, spirit.

Earth: The grain comes from the earth and is of the earth. Germs help ferment the bread and introduce its earthy mineral nutrients.

Water: The water is mixed into the ground grain, creating the dough.

Air: The fermentation increases the volume of the bread thus creating more from less. The air expands the dough and makes it more palatable. Indeed the air also contain within it the spirit.

Fire: By baking the bread in fire, the proteins and starch is broken down into sugar, and lots of alchemical processes are taking place.

Spirit: The bread is central in ritual, as shown in the eucharist, as practised by the jews who learned it from the Egyptians, and by the christians who learned it from the jews.

In modern times, after 1950 or so, everything became more and more industial, and people have to work less in order to have food. Unfortunately that is not even the case, as humans still exploit other humans, neglecting the Luciferian ideal of a perfect world. It seems, for all the Fire-Stealing from the Gods and the Luciferian urge to have Humanity Rise through expanding conciousness, still Humans fail to evolve.

Thus, modern industrialization created a problem.

Bread has been made the same way for thousands of years: from water, wheat, natural fermentation from bacteria (sourdough) and by fire.

Now in recent modern times, they tried to save even more time and money, by introducing specially grown yeast. The problem is that the yeast introduced in normal bread contains only yeast and does not introduce the correct bacteria to break down the gluten. So that is why you have gluten intolerance, allergies to bread and other health issues concerning bread.

In a modern process, the wheat grain is industrially milled, a lot of chemicals added to it, water is added and yeast, but the fermentation process does not take place fully, and the dough is not allowed two days but just a few hours, resulting in the yeast only farting out some CO2, and then the bread is lifted and cooked. But it is not fully digested by bacteria, which do the vital part of taking care of some of the alchemical process needed.

So industrial bread is bad for you magickally and alchemically. Therefore you should only eat sourdough bread. Go buy it. If it is too expensive: do this:

  1. get some flour
  2. mix with water, add water until you intuitively feel that it is correct
  3. use plenty of time to knead and mix these two ingredients.
  4. let the dough ferment for one or two days, check on it as time passes, it should taste sour and the taste should develop. Do not add any yeast, the yeast and bacteria are introduced by the air and from your hands. Therefore do not completely cover the dough but let it have contact with the air. The natural environmental bacteria, fungi etc. will go into the dough and start working on it immediately. It could go fast or it could go slow, it depends on your local environment. Soon, after some cycles of breadmaking in the traditional way, you will learn the unique skill of making a bread that is in unique harmony with you, and your environment. 
  5. cook by fire in an oven.

I promise you this will bring you higher spirit in the form of a healthier body, and it will cost much less than an industrial-bought bread. The taste is indescribeably good. You can eat it directly, just rip off chunks and dip into a small bowl of olive oil, and sprinkle some salt on it (the salt should be natural dried sea salt).