2015-07-23-niles-mThank you dear reader, especially those of you who regularly follow my blog.

It has been a journey, and I feel it is time to take a moment and define the direction this blog is taking, as a reflection also of my own development.

A reminder. This blog started out as my exploration of Luciferianism, and in particular it has served as a personal platform for expressing my Luciferian views online, in the hope of connecting with other Luciferians and ultimately explore indeed what it means to live a life as a Luciferian.

During my time, I met some individuals in various forums on the Luciferian Research Society, (LRS) meant to be a forum of Luciferian artists, where I met some friends I still have contact with today. Due to time considerations I have not been very active socially in this milieu, and the general trend here as is so often the case is that 1-4% of the forum people are active, and only 1-4% of the active people are really good people to interact with and would help you grow.

One of the things I realized is that you need not only learn from self-professed Luciferians, nor just occultists. Chances are your christian neighbour could be very happy in his life and provide many valuable life-lessons on personal and interpesonal levels, that do reflect the ultimate truth as described in Zen Bhuddism as True Enlightenment.

Western occultism divide the world into four levels of existance (for example). Eastern mystic traditions divide it into seven. Christians describe hell or heaven, or 7 heavens and 7 hells, Hindus and Bhuddists may talk of two or hundred of thousands (myriad) levels of existance. My point here is that the exact true number of levels of existance is limitless (or empty if you go by the Zen method) – it is too many and too “deep” to grasp intellectually. Therefore, various systems have created their own systems and divisons, for example four elements, seven planets and 12 zodiak. Which works fine as long as you stay in the same system or carry valid correspondances that are tested and tried and do carry relevant meaning from one system to the next (translation). 

Being and living life as a Luciferian, if you choose to go down that path, good luck, it’s not going to be easy. As always you can contact me if you have any questions. I will soon make a better FAQ and write an essay about this, when I have some more time on my hands.

Going down the path of becoming a true mystic, or occultist, or master of a tradition of the West or East, or any different path, will all require hard work, and you will need to take in lots of information and study hard. A Catholic priest, for instance, will have to work for years to become a priest. Most Catholic priests, will never realize the power of the mysteries or themselves become magickians, but some do. Same thing about Thelemites and Satanists, many come, few survive the initiations (symbolical pun intended) and very few of those gain any real magickal power. Not to mention Wicca…..

Being Luciferian, because there is (until recently) very little authoritative information is HARD, and I do not recommend it because other systems are better at teaching you magick.. If however you truly want to explore Luciferianism and become one, with an open mind, then be welcome, but do realize it will not be easy or as easy as the other, well structured paths. Then what happened recently was that some people I know from the LRS, has finally made a physical Luciferian Church, The Greater Church of Lucifer. I do not know yet if it is a good idea or not, but it probably is, but as with all things before, only 1-4% will actually do any work, and of those only 1-4% will master the tradition… atleast from my side I find it interesting and positive that something is manifesting physically, and it has already created a lot of debate, but my worry is that it will become a social club and that no real deep development of character, or magick will happen. But lets see.

So about my blog. This blog will continue to exist. It has been a platform of my own development and it still will be. I know I have ranted in good and bad ways, so be it. It is what it is, a reflection of my inner and outer process and development.

Directions it will take: right now I am receiving many well written emails from people who request help or assistance in some way. This is interesting. I will write some general tips on my blog, and continue helping people. As always all information is treated with full confidentiality.

My work will be to be a light in the world and to help people. My focus will be less on defining Luciferianism, but it is one of the ways I have chosen to represent the Light in the dark, and so I shall continue on that work. My work alone will define Luciferianism and wether or not I have successfully carried out the Great Work as a magickian.

Oh and one more thing. People write to me and say they have done this kind of ritual or that kind of sigil work, please write a detailed description of your work before sending in your question. As traditions and knowledge vary among the people, what you gain from asking a question will depend on how successful you describe your work and your level of experience.