Every day I get more and more messages from individuals that are following my blog. So to my readers, thank you for letting me know. It certainly motivates.

I want to take some special care in responding to this comment, the one regarding my flu and making the most of things / having a positive outlook:

You are having a white-person moment where your problems are actually a joke, and yet you feel you must fight it. You do not turn the negative into the positive, the negative is the negative, the positive the positive. They oscillate and there is no need to do anything except use them against each other.

My Christian Radar is going off… You are giving up the Hidden eye of Othinn, for the ways of the Sly One.

You are a Luciferian! You do not NEED to make the best out of anything! Look into the face of despair and her reflection is already hope. Look into death and there is already Life.

Thank you dear reader who made this comment. You reminded me, and my other readers, of something important, actually several things that are important.

First, yes I am a Luciferian. I do not need to make the best out of anything. Yet I can. When I choose to. Maybe at the time, I was not looking at either life or death but how to make the best out of my situation at the time, to my own advantage. It is totally correct that such a statement is completely forgetting the important Occult rule that anything dark or negative is not something one has to fight or run away from, but something rather left-hand thing should be done, and embrace it, go into it, and penetrate its lessons.

Second, let me say that I have had a good deal of lessons from Saturnian forces so far in my life. Some times when I am knocked out for a month, I just don’t want to turn it into an Occult learning experience this time. I was more interested in finishing a lot of mundane projects people are depending on me to finish. As a blogger with some followers, I should be a good teacher and point out that yes, you should live in the shit, and experience the death of your worthly ego, and learn from it. But it is a good point to remember and maybe next time I will do both: lament on my mundane issues and use it for light AND dark.

Third, “Christian Radar” and “white-person moment”, wow, finally a comment with some sharp edges that also do carry sincere meaning. I shall take it into consideration lest I become too Christian or too white here in my Luciferian blog.

Finally, I do welcome all good comments, especially if you have something worthwile to say, and myself and everyone can learn from it. You made some good points, I had my reasons, but you were not totally wrong to point them out. Also there is a difference in style between you and me. Your reference to Odin and the “Sly One” shapes my perception of you.