On the Mundane plane I have had a serious flu and lung inflammation as a result of it. I am still not quite physically well (I guess my body is now quite still a messed up battleground), but spirits are up, and definitly realize that although highly noticeable physically, it has also been a spiritual flu, in that so many things have congested at once, that something just had to give.

The reasons being mostly due to stress, from having too many tasks to complete, on any level at the same time. I just laughed in August when piles of challenges arrived in my lap from every direction, from work, from my Occult work, from just about every relation up or down.

So my body just said: “Ok, I am pulling the emergency brake, dumping Warp Core and di-lithium crystals (Star Trek Reference), formatting all hard drives and declaring a strike”.

And I pretty much passed out for two weeks. With a fever that did not register, although I was sweating 2 liters every day, my temp 36.5 degrees Centigrade and doctors at the emergency room could find nothing wrong. Doctors, what do they know of my troubles 🙂 I should have a Voodoo priest running around me with chickens. Probably.

Next time. Although Now I can kind of see the strategic advantage my shutdown has given me:

  • The pause made it quite clear what my goals and priorities for the next 2 months are .
  • I finished a big programming job for a big banking system, working from home, in less than 8 hours.
  • I outlined how I am going to do a major study in the Occult Sciences, in record-time.
  • All other private and professional commitments are on-time
  • Relationship-wise, all my lovers AND the boyfriend have had the exact same mysterious flu, with some variations in actual fever but still with some unusual characteristics. But it made some of those commitments atleast put on hold so I could focus.

Its not a good idea when your friends or lovers are sick, but hey, I have to try to look on the bright side of everything.

That is the lesson of today’s post. No matter what shit you land in, you make the most out of it. You turn that shit into something positive, dammit.