cc5ab4f7e88c30fe5362f32b3eb8c450 Getting a flu is not one of my favourites. Usually get it from a friend or family. They spend weeks recovering, I usually get through it in 48 hours. This one took almost 72 hours to get rid of. I took a shot of Jägermeister every day, and cooked “Chaga”, and old Russian folk medicine. I have a magickal bracelet containing secret abilities that were used by the ancient Korean emperors during the 12th century that also balanced my Qi and strengthened my blood energy, which I am sure helped too.

I spent the weekend alone. My boyfriend went to an anime convention with mostly 20 year olds or younger. Even if I look 25-ish, I think I would get strange looks, besides, it’s out of town even for this kid. I spent my time recovering, cleaning the house and sorting through mail.

Something big is coming up. I am studying for a major test. I will need most of my time for this, although I am sure people will distract me.

Here is my punishment for dating a 20-year old, he is so demanding in bed. It is not enough to do things once or twice. No. Can you come 3 times in 30 minutes? I can, but it is very hard work. For him its no effort at all. I think he can do 20 times in 10 minutes if he wanted to. Curse youth sometimes, or maybe I am getting old.

Now then, people have been writing to me more in private. Few people but they are asking real questions and I feel I can provide real help. I was thinking which direction my blog should be taking. I have tried to help people by offering insights into my life but its hard to provide one, general thing that applies to a broad average, since probably people coming to my blog with an open mind, are not average, and my personality isn’t one-dimensioned.

Maybe this is it: Throw a problem at me. I will help. Write. See what happens. Christians, Hindus, I don’t care what your religion is, and I do not want to discuss religion with you. Just give me a problem in your life and I will solve it for you. Whatever you write stays between us.