anime%2520boy_largeThere is nothing much to write home about. Or is there? Well it seams my uncertainty of this new relation has been removed. Before a certain retreat I was going to it seemed quite unclear if we would get together, me and my new boyfriend. He is the reclusive introvert type. He still is, but now he has gone from “I don’t need a person in my life”, to “I am taking the train to you now” and spending the night in my place.

I guess for him, it is quite new experience to have, given that he has never had a relationship before. I feel this one is special. He is getting better at making out, and cuddling, although his sexual appetites are that of a typical 20 year old. This old Luciferian has trouble keeping up sometimes. He agrees, I look 25, tops. I have to show ID if I buy alcohol. Like as if an underage person would buy a 12 year old Whiskey single malt from Hokkaido, Japan. My boyfriend would settle for cheap Vodka and something terrible called “Battery” (energy drink).

Where I am going with this? Point is, I am getting stuff I want in my life. Recently a lot of stuff fell into place quite snugly. I am helping people. People write emails to my blog (See Contact section) and I help people in their daily life. It is what Luciferianism should be about: living a life where you attract things you want, things that challenge and inspire you and in my case things that keeps me young at heart (and soul). But also most important: To shine a light for others. No matter what your religious background, all religions with true initiations contain the path to the one Mystery. A Christian can turn his system into his advantage and even through Christian mythos attain true knowledge. It is not the ramblings of a judging god but the light that shines in even the darkest place, even to save darkness itself not by converting it but the one true transcending act: love. A Satanist, deep down inside, has chosen his path. Can he be a light to himself and others? He may. Wether Spiritual or LaVeyan, all religions, even when no longer considered religions, such as Zen, can be tools to the journey on the path of enlightenment.

My boyfriend confessed to me today he is an atheist. Sure, he believes in heaven or hell, and certainly has seen some amount of supernatural events (just look who he is dating) but it took me by surprise. In a way. So he is faithless and respects the beliefs or traditions of others but himself do not follow any dogma or system. It is kind of how I started. Then I got in to Zen. Then I learned western Occultism. Maybe it’s good to be challenged sometimes by someone who has one religion: A Smart Phone.