My boyfriend lives in another town. I was hoping he could visit this weekend, but he has some personal issues to take care of. So my hope extends to the next weekend. He will take the train in by himself, I will pick him up at the station. He wonders what we’ll do. I will introduce him more to my world. Go for a walk with him in the forest. Show him all my secret treasures, tidbits of knowledge and things that all look inside my world. Already his shell is cracked and I can see him smiling and eyes light up at times. He has never known love before.

I have someone now that I love in the true sense. Yet never before have I been so prepared to be hurt. That is why I don’t take any advice right now from my friends or even my nephew who correctly points out that we’ve only known eachother for a short time and its impossible to say how things are going to be in 6 months from now.

I imagine we can be a couple, but we have to do something about this distance. He is looking for a flat in his home town (yes, finally leaving his nest, as he lives with his mom…..) so it’s a step in the right direction for him, but alas, it would be so much easier moving in with me.

But, as he is still just in his earliest of 20’s I don’t blame him for starting with his own platform.

The cutest thing is that he texts me every day, many times every day.