gaara_close_up_naruto_shippuuden_blue_eyes_hd-wallpaper-1156454One small but not minor aspect of Solar consciousness I realized today is the symbolism of truth. As the Sun lights up the World, so everything is exposed, hence the expression ‘comes out into daylight’. This concept, for an individual as myself, is quite new and strange.

Being a child of the night, my Lunar self would see things in the night where the calm had came over the Mundane World, so as to reveal more hidden and mystical things. Muggles would be in bed dreaming their sweet dreams, while shadows like myself would roam in the night, bathing in the astral Lunar silvery light, perhaps working towards truth through some form of deceit. Certainly manipulation and puppet-mastery is a kind of deceit, even if it were for the best of purposes.

So over one year ago I started working towards truth in the Solar sense, and invited this light into my life even more than the fire and light of the highest, because it now had come down far enough that some truth could be lit in my physical manifestation of this world that is my life.

So the boyfriend. He is the strangest little kid I have met – with such an old soul. While I am more manipulative and can stretch truth, he deals in absolute truth, that is, he is being totally honest without hiding his true emotions. He doesn’t know how to lie. He can manipulate with truth. Even though I am 18 years older than him I feel humbled by his 20 year old existance on this planet in the physical sense, he gives off a patience and wisdom of a 200 year old.

He has had no other boyfriend than me, so I know the fact that he wants to spend time with me is, in a way, special. (If not unique). He must be so unsure of me. He knows I usually had many lovers. But now for the first time I think in terms of being only with him.

He has the most beautiful eyes you can sink into for an eternity. He has red/brown hair that is wild and reminds you of a furred animal, like a red wolf. His ears have the most beautiful and strange silver piercing shaped to follow his upper ear so he does look like he got this from the elves themselves, forged by silver and moonlight and morning dew.

He has the capability to get completely past all my defences. And there he remains, rock-steady, honest to death, loyal but finally loyal only to his own Will.

I am in behind his defences too – first time for him. We are so vulnerable to eachother. Yet I feel safe with him.