At a retreat, many people came to me with their problems. I solve problems. One brother did not have any more alcohol. So I gave him a 10 year old Japanese whiskey. He would probably have settled with Swedish Absolut or some other cheap stuff but I don’t have cheap stuff. All I had was Sake (13%) and this.

This bottle I didn’t buy, but someone gave it to me as thanks for my help. I know I can pass it on, and that as soon as I do this another bottle will appear.

Now I have a 12 year old Scottish whiskey that I got yesterday, from someone else, as thanks for some other thing I helped with.

Together with 2 kg of chocholate.

My pleasure is to help others and always find ways to be there and to give away. Because I have this attitude to life, people give me stuff all the time.

I am not afraid of losing what I give away (Playstation or Whiskey or my time) since I always get more in return, not necessarily from the same people but the Universe makes sure I lack nothing and that I am always ready to provide for those who need it.