I have a new boyfriend. He is 20, and spiritually a Lycan. Since my familiar is a wolf, this may very well be the one. He is of course very influenced by Luna, as am I. And I thought I was an introvert. This one is more introvert that I could imagine. I know kids today grow up on the internet. But to think that *everything* could be done online to the extent that all social skill has been wiped out, I did not see that one coming.

A virgin, but not by any means pure of thought, I have initiated him into the mysteries of carnal pleasures, but with the intention of opening up his inner planes to receive the light and love.

It is working well. Before my retreat I just met him one day, then again yesterday, and he is opening up faster than I thought. Today we made a pact of sorts, sealled magickally. It feels good to be in a serious relationship.