Devout fans of “Twilight” would agree vampires and werewolfs does not mix. I tend to differ on these matters.

My attraction however is to both of these subliminal archetypes that remain so interwoven (and necessary) part of popular culture and (our contemporary as well as old) folklore.

It started when I was around 8 or 9 years, and my lunar/sexual energies were raised. I had an attraction to vampires, as well as werewolfs as I much enjoyed movies and books, my need to find a real one made me write my desire on pieces of paper that were thrown out the window, into the moonlit night (only to be discovered by my very confused parents as they were tending the garden the next day).

Now in my youth years, my encounters were of astral spirits of the night of such disposal. Only in the later years have I truly been in bed with one in the physical sense.

Fangs white and meanacing, triggers fear in the human psyche, but I get a feeling of calm and sensual kinship. These kind of dentures are by nature designed to rip and tear flesh. Feeling a set of perfect sharp fangs grip my throat, symbolically millimeters away from severing my life running through the blood in my arteries, and at the same time, astrally feeling my lifeforce and energies being drained, caused a momentary rush of excitement as thrill seekers get perhaps when they jump in parachutes or pursue any dangerous setting that really is not that dangerous. But this? Unless you knew what you were doing you would be, as they say, be in dire straits.

The fangs seek deeper. My kundalini rises and I pull energies the vampire latched onto my throat gets as a surprise. I rush the alchemical fire through him and me. The energy goes back and forth through our bodies. One with the light of Lucifer and the Familiar of a Wolf. The other, the soul-less vampire, he has no inner light, he feeds off others light.

We are in a symbiosis at this moment. Although he is used to skimming the energies of the average muggle, this is a complete combustion. He gets bold. Sexual energy and alchemical fire is now at its climax. My back and muscles flex. It is an act of surrendering of the flesh, but not of the spirit. The spirit triumphs as alchemical fire is turned even into a higher level of energy, and the bite is relased.

For just 24 hours my severe bruises are visible. They should take weeks to heal but magickally dissappear one solar revolution later.

Since that my vampire friend has not sexually assaulted me. I wish we could do it again, soon.