Norway’s summer is not too hot, in fact it’s been quite cold these days. As I have banished clutter in my material life, I’ve worked on the psychological plane, and Saturn has helped. Luna as usual presents its challenges and getting these two forces to be friends is hard work.

Usually myself is the victim of my own occult process, but today a friend took a blow. I made a mistake that hurt him, and while I apologised it still baffles me how I could make a mistake based on my own ego, and here indeed is the danger of the ego of letting it go.

My animal body is so easily fooled by desire, and the ego once fed, will then take control. The idea here is to be individualistic and a Risen One, while not being an idiot.

I think it was yesterday – I had a moment of thought – over an expensive Whiskey – in my study room, contemplating wether I should write an article on this blog about the concepts of Good and Evil.

Now, most of us Occultists and Luciferians, etc, will go the dualism way on this argument, pointing at the dual nature of Good and Evil are essentially emanating from the same thing, and therefore is an illusion (does not exist). So 2 = 1 = 0.

Even the Bhuddist will realize “all (states of being) are empty”. (Zen).

But if this is so simple, why do human beings put so much time and energy into sorting things into Good and Evil?

Religions, Laws, Morale, Societies and Wars are fought and won over the definition of these things throughout history past present and future.

The obvious danger of defining Good and Evil have been established.

But when we hurt others, we are doing Evil. This is not neccessary or acceptable unless it is necessary. So hurting for pleasure is a distraction from the Great Work. Doing good can also be a distraction, unless it is furthering the ideals in the act of bringing forth the Light.

Nobody is a harder judge than a Luciferian onto himself.