Happy summer everyone. Time for another blog update. I couldn’t find time to blog every week, but if I can blog atleast once a month, hey, that’s better than nothing.

Time to share some of the experiences since last full moon where my vampire friend bit me in the throat as a gesture of love. (Or to ‘turn’ me over to his side.. .he doesn’t care I am more of a wolf type) 🙂

I’ve had some fun during this time. My brothers invited me to an Arthur Brown concert.. (The guy behind “I am the god of hellfire”). Check out some of his musical past. It mad me curious as I was in the back of the place he had his gig, listening to his singing and high notes.. what does he do that draws people in? Could it be that he has some magickal abilities? My (occult) brother had been to one of his concerts before, and did some magick, and sure enough, Arthur noticed. So he jumps off stage and suddenly stares into my brother and says “you are not one of them!” which is kind of intreaguing. So we now both want to test this guy. Many beers later, and listening to some of his great songs and performance, I kind of get it. He is a child of the 60’s, and well into the currents that came even before that, that triggered this cultural revolution, that in a way is still going on, but is also a very slow birth…. he knows how to create an ecstatic energy flow. And that’s it.

Sure, everyone has magickal abilities innate, and what Arthur teaches is a connection to the raw elements, and ecstatic Lunar energies, as well as some Mercurial/Saturn things, he is a chaotic energy indeed 🙂

It took a bit of banishing to balance all the energies after that.

I’ve had a wonderful time this past month doing meditations and group rituals, that further completes the Great Work. I am about to increase the energy and work towards this end, and finish my Saturn and Luna work and move on to higher levels of energy work.

So still going strong!

I am working with the light in the spiritual level, but my nepesh/body is also very much a creature of the night. If there is duality and such notions as good and evil exists, then yes, for the good of goodness sake I want to help others and do the Great Work. But my lower self is also seeking out pleasure for its own sake, and it is deeply rooted in earth and nature, and lunar sexuality. This is of course a distraction from my main work, but something I have to balance.

So my Lucifer angel nature of light, is balanced against my Werewolf daemon. They both want different things in life, and yet here I am, typing at this computer, finally seeing that they are twins of duality and can be dissolved into one, if I so will.

For now I am happy knowing that each one gets their turn. My body and soul is scarred, I know 🙂

Such is the life of an evolving Luciferian.