I felt the blazing heat of the sun, its solar winds feeling corrosive on my flesh. I drive my little blue car while trying to stay away from the sun’s rays hitting me. 

I wear dark sunglasses. I exit the vehicle and make my way toward the train station. So. Many. People. The energies of the crowd combined with the energy of the sun is overwhelming. 

Such chaotic noise. All the muggle thoughts I can hear in my head. The worries and struggles of the masses bathed in bright daylight. 

The train appears. I notice three undercover ticket controllers. Their body language betrayed them 50 metres away, but nobody else seems to notice. 

A crowd of people get off the train. I am a night person. All these people are a lot to handle for a sensitive me. 

There, at the very end, far behind everyone else is my Vampire friend. 

As if by magick, the weather changed into clouds and the beautiful light of shrouded daylight veiled in twilight occurred, and the temperature dropped instantly to a comfortable level. My friend looks at me silently. Thankfulness was expressed. 

It was only much later, in the evening, my friend points out that tonight is Walpurgisnacht, and we both kind of realize how a coincidence that we would be together on such a marked day. Decidedly we had made it so, even while not realizing conciously. 

I wonder how I will explain the marks I now carry on my throat. The sexual extacy was a combination of demonic possession, and an energy exchange going back and forward which I am glad I could handle much better than I expected. 

He of course was hungry for energy and I gave it, and to his big surprise I now have an endless supply of it. Perhaps that is why he was surprised too that I did not faint like most of his lovers do. Or nearly died like before. 

Instead I infused him with energy actively, in the throat chakra and in the heart chakra. I withdrew the energy, holding it and purifying it before putting it back again, much like keeping a fire alive by blowing on it, my breath following the exhange of energies. 

My alchemical fire was accelerated and I got quite a rush, feeling giddy and almost giggling in surprise. His reponse, looking at me with grey wolflike eyes and a serious white fanged set of teeth, was that most of his lovers are usually drawn in but end up frightened by what happens with the dynamic energy exchange. 

In my case I just have one problem which is to conceal bitemarks on my neck for the next week or so.