A Luciferian does have some extra powers unknown to others.

I have incredible possibilities to affect my surroundings, when I use the power to do it. The problem is, I tend to forget.

I am reminded again when things don’t go my way. Perhaps when I let mundane struggles pull me down, I wake up like from a bad dream and remember ‘wait! I shouldn’t have to feel like this!’ and I do something about it.

For instance, a week passed, I’ve mostly had clients wondering where the next feature of my program is, bills piling up, projects stopping and my boyfriend have been to busy to meet.

Yesterday, perhaps aided by the extra power of the New Moon, I felt I had to do something. I had a meeting explaining the new powerful artificial intelligence of my programming project, which swooned the client so they now realize its the next big thing, projects are moving again and my relations are such that I have a romantic date finally, both me and him being able to take time off our busy life and just enjoy time together.

I must constantly remind myself that although I am a humble person with lots of love for other beings, I do posess some power of manifestation that I tend to forget. And I must be careful, because I always get what I want so I must be careful what I wish for.

Now then, to go off work and have drinks with my boyfriend, in a bar built on a 12th century convent. Reflect on the past and the future as we stand on the ruins of prayer and humility.