Hello everyone. A while back ago (years ago) I wrote an invocation to Lucifer. Or two. There are probably some versions somewhere on my site. The reason I wrote them was to give the humble reader some inspiration, perhaps to write your own version. My invocation was more like a hymn, a dedication, or meditation more than a ritual.

Perhaps I should have written a more elaborate ritual with a clear intention, perhaps when you decide to take the Luciferian path, something is ready to give in your life, that you finally emerge as the one solely in charge of your life. Indeed, realizing this is more horror than selling your soul to the proverbial devil.

You find yourself alone, but free, and if you so desire to be truly free and in charge of your destiny, then you should do the invocation. If you have any doubt or projections of any negative sort you should not.

You must be able to trust your instincts on this one. It helps if you have prior occult knowledge. No, I daresay it is required you be a magickian for you to do a magickal invocation of any kind.

Depending on what system you have studied or worked on, you perhaps know to test your vision when you do a skrying or invocation of any kind. Well, to be honest, there is no textbook answer how to test the presence of Lucifer the archangel in you. Or yes, some of you may say that testing with the sigil of Lucifer will work, or that something else will work. Fine. Do that.

But if you do not know how to test, or what to expect,  please dont trust the voices in your head. Instead, relax, enjoy, and take it as a journey. You’re just a tourist but you did travel there.

Don’t have sex with Lucifer unless you know what you’re doing 😀

I wish you luck. My invocation is too personal to share, but it sure was interesting and I am still experiencing daily consequences.