I am on a bus returning from a magickal retreat. I pass the time doing some work online, thanks to the onboard wi-fi system. The trip so far has been relaxing. But there is a kid onboard, maybe he is 10, who is driving his mother and younger sister crazy. This is one kid who cannot sit still, he has to do something all the time. He would probably be put in the “ADHD” category.

So I think this is a good time to analyze and answer the question: why ADHD? Why are more and more kids suffering from a condition that warrants the use of such a label?

First, I will not challenge the assumption that there are more ADHD kids now than before.

Second, the reason, why, is evident after observing this child now for 2 hours. He is clearly bored. His sister is a muggle, happy to play with dolls and watch movies on the ipad. His mother is also a muggle and very neurotic and has a very low level of intelligence. The boy is extremely creative, and present in the moment. His mother doesnt respond or give him any stimulation, she just yells at him to shut up. He is probably not given any real intellectual challenges at home, or in school, or by being with friends the same age.

Even if two equally intelligent and savant kids get together, they have only the knowledge and tools they have been given and they are underdeveloped in the sense that, in spite of their enormous level of intelligence and creativity, they lack the guidance.

The home, education system and even culture is simply not ready for their special talents.

I have an intuition that this kid can communicate even telepatically, even without concsciously knowing, he is ready to learn, but the world is not ready for these kids. Reminds me of the school for kids with supernatural powers in the movie “x men”. The world is not ready so they are labeled ADHD kids.

They are bored because their parents are very stupid, the television and internet programs are stupid and archontic and their teachers are incapable of harnessing their talents, so they are bored and frustrated, and end up being misunderstood and even looked at as being less developed than their more docile complacent peers.