Dear readers of my blog,

A new Luciferian flame has been lit. Its lights has been grown after my travels in the underworld and rekindled so I can be a light for others. Emerging from Hell, I want to send greetings to everyone who is travelling outside the common river and instead forge their own roads.

I want to share a particular moment of inspiration I had today, as I was driving my car to a client. My new car I might add, since the previous one was destroyed, as with my house as part of my purification process that take place on a spiritual level and manifests also inevitable in the material. Anyway, I digress. So here I am behind the new steering wheel, a Luciferian driving, seeing traffic and being part of traffic, my muscles reacting automatically to the world. On a model-thought this is exactly what happens in the macrocosmos, and the muggles who are victims to fate. Except the adept who has risen beyond his fate, everyone muggles and one the road to mysticism or wizardry is also in a sense victims of his own surroundings, even if they create their own surroundings.

So I was able to have some profound insight. But before I share that insight, I must ask the question: Why is it that we get sudden inspiration when we are doing something automatic and mundane like driving? Perhaps the answer is that our mind is so occupied, that the consciousness is stressed and kept so busy, that the mundane noise of thoughts is silenced, the Waters of the Mind is silenced, the storms of mundane Maya is calmed, and we are closer to a real Zen moment of perfect clarity.

Sure, we are hot-wired to interrupt even this serene and blissful state of mind-consciousness sure enough that your parents-in-law would call you in the middle of having sex. But for a millisecond you have that momentary escape from Samsara (endless wheel of cycle of birth and rebirth and karma) and you can see the world as it is, albeit for a moment.

It is moment like this Zen masters work their whole lives to gather up as much as possible of, and preach words of wisdom about, and write poems about, that essence of divine enlightenment and no-mind, that english word so poorly translated from Samadhi, where the mind becomes still, or one-pointed and temporarily enlightened.

And here is the lesson, I want to explain why we as human beings bring forward religion, and similarly why we can be just as enlightened and happy with not-religion. Since this is complicated enough, I will explain what I mean by each thing, and, seeing as having transcended dualism, how they are one and the same thing.

We all seek dissolvement and sublimation into the Plaeroma of true Enlightenment.


A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. So it is closely related to culture, philosophy and existential questions. No wonder how easy it is to confuse one over another, while, as I will prove, they are the same.

The real purpose of religion is, and has always been, to lead to true Enlightenment. How they are culturally biased, and how they are carried out, is of course much debated, diverse, and subject of obsession and the pitfalls of the ego and the unbalanced negative forces that infiltrate such structures. One common problem is indeed the structures and illusions being created, while in reality, if one truly transcend the structure behind every religion and approach the structure as a vessel to travel through the system of initiations to reach a certain goal, the key is to do it well. Yes, there are some religions and some systems of initiation that do not lead to true Enlightenment as a system by itself, but that doesn’t mean that one who practise it as a master is not Enlightened by mastery.


One who spends his days doing a single repetetive task such as slicing pieces of dead fish and putting them on balls of rice formed by the hand can also become enlightened. The Sushi master spends years in school learning to carve each time a more perfect slice of fish, to form each time a more perfect ball of rice in his hands, to join these two together, to put a brush of rice vinegar on it and put the slice on a perfectly clean and aesthetically pleasing plate. Every attention goes into detail in this simple task, that can be dissolved into Samadhi, the place where enlightenment begins and true Enlightenment can be reached eventually, even without religion.

The Sushi master could after a lifetime of making sushi suddenly awake, and achieve the level of initiation comparable to a Zen master. My argument is that any master is a master of his life and fate, wether he express it through religion or mundane work. The Hell’s Angels member who is a master at motorbike repair, could become one with his bike. The doctor could, as he is performing surgery, reach the same level of artful skill that he becomes one with scalpel and patient and hospital and fully dissolve into the mystic state of being one with everything.

This is Kung-Fu.

The Kung-Fu warrior is a master in fighting and thus express Kung Fu.

But the master engineer, or painter, or lawyer, or artist, can also express Kung Fu by being masters at what they do.

So my lesson: Take what you do, take what you teach, and make it perfect, then do it again, do it again, each time do it better, until you reach perfection, then go beyond, go into no-perfection, where dualism and perfect and no-perfect dissolve and you truly become a Master.