Let’s do some questions I’ve got lately.

Question (regarding my previous post): “I want to know is it related to Illuminati, that highly fortunate people ruling the world?” 

Answer: Who said the illuminati is highly fortunate? If you ruled the world, wouldn’t you think it’s like being a substitute teacher full of delinquent teenagers?

Todays post is about overcoming difficulties.

Muggles (ordinary people) are victims of their environment, a Luciferian control his/her own environment. You may be a kid facing ridicule for being different, or you are an adult that was bullied in school for being an thinking different. Even today you do not feel at home with other adults, as you moved beyond them, and you remember that in your childhood you seeked out adults to converse with, because although 25 years stood between you, you would find academic and intelligent people to talk to as equals even when you were 10.

In todays world with internet and mobile phones, bullying has become an increasing problem. For everyone who is dealing with, or has dealt with bullying, here is a song by a finnish boy who sings about this subject in his song Dissaa. 

If you don’t understand finnish, that is fine, just listen to the language of the Gods and you’ll still be blessed. The lesson is: The way of dealing with bullying is to realize you are better than them. (And here are the lyrics translated)