We’re standing at the gates of another week. Question is, do we go through the same gates we always do, follow the same basic routine of every week, or do we go through another gate, and explore something new and different?


So now I am typing this post, from a new place. That’s right. I moved. Not just anywhere but to the posh side of town. To the place I always dreamed to be. A lot of things have fallen into place. It’s not been easy, but I learned a lot. So many more things I learned about myself, the four worlds and alchemy in the process.

In alchemical terms this past year has been to put sulphur into a frying pan, pooring on gasoline and cooking that shit for 11 months. What remains, except for an incredible amount of fumes is some mercury. People do this all the time, but always in their sleep. And occultists do it, only few do it well, and even fewer are able to have moments of pure awakenness.

That’s why its time to introduce a few new concepts.

  • Dayside self this is your ego, your automaton, the body in the flesh during the day, influenced by the seven planets and the sun as planet, having a weekly cycle, carries the influences of the dualistic seven planets of seven vices and seven virtues, unbalanced but a reflection of the genius nevertheless, its your shell or mask, and if you don’t control whats truly controlling it, that mask and the world will control you, and you wake up one day old and miserable, wondering what the hell happened.
  • Nightside self is your animal ego, ruled by passion, your lower flesh during the night, influenced by the moon, having a monthly influence, where you truly are connected to the astral, and by way of challenging your rigid patterns force you to dare to explore other ways in pursuit of fetishes and primal desires, the danger of falling into illusion and obsession, but the posssibility to harness the beast towards your higher fire.
  • Lucifer welcome home, to your true self, to that infinite flame of light from the plaeroma, from the fullness, from pure love and pure being, undefiled and perfect, in this incarnation it is the flame that burns away at the sulphur, the one that is behind the mask.

There are these three, and the seven times seven influences and the twelve conditions, and the four worlds in which to do it. // hack.your.soul.

And to celebrate the new week, what better way to do it with this song, whom I adore: