I have noticed there is now something called “The Greater Church of Lucifer” – their website: http://greaterchurchoflucifer.org/. So what is my take on this?

  • First, I am happy that someone took the time to make a Luciferian Church. Some of the views, especially the 11 points of Luciferian power, are quite good and valid points.
  • I am happy that my friend Jeremy Crow is one of its leaders. Jeremy I highly respect.
  • I am less impressed that Michael W Ford is a contributor. Mostly because his style focuses so much on the dark gothic satanist stuff that is really confusing for any newcomer. 
  • It is very positive that they appear welcoming and open, and do not fall into the pitfall of dogmas and rules, yet still try to evoke or challenge what is common among all Luciferians. 

All in all, it seems like a good initiative, it remains to be seen how well it will be for new people who realize they have the Luciferian nature and powers that they will want to identify with Luciferianism, since it feels natural to them.