How quickly time passes, it seems as only yesterday that I made my last blog post. To my readers (those who are still with me) I apologise for not taking the time to update my blog. I have passed many initiations on many levels both personal, material and spiritual. 

Many things in my life have been dissolved and is either reintegrated or in the progress of being reintegrated. I was unhappy in my love life, that has solved itself, I was unhappy with my living condition, I am now moving to my dream apartment next week (I did a saturn/luna ritual that caused a disaster whith water flooding prompting a move).

On a material level, all obstacles I had in January are now overcome or resolved completely. 

On a spiritual level, I now realize the mixed pleasure and horror of manifesting everything I put my desire into. I have to be careful what I wish for.

I am not looking back, I am looking forward, and the future looks bright, I have kicked it up a notch.