e456utedtgdfgcgvWhat has taken some of my time the past weeks, is quite transforming. It seems that all the ghosts and karma not just from my current life but all past life wanted to manifest during two moon cycles.

Another thank you to Yaldabout, thou great old testament idol of the world, thou innocent childlike old man, thou corrupted since birth, thou creator of Sin, originator of Sin and the Reason for the Fall from grace and separation of man, from Plaeroma.

Thou, creator of separation and duality, thou destroyer of the Soul of Man, who ruined the Temple of Solomon as you first ruined the greatest creation Adam Kadmon.

I salute thee Yaldabout for creating a scratch that had to be itched.

Cheers to Sophia, the wise and talented guiding force of compassion and Love.

Cheers to the Spirits, Elements, Forces and Angels and Daemons. May we meet again soon.

Now that I have traveled through the Door and entered the Path to the new realms, I can see clearer.

There is truth that true initiation should be equaled to death and rebirth. As such all folk-tales about death and rebirths are stories of initiation and the world’s ever cycling wheel of karma of creation and destruction is itself an initiation.

(In such a way, the World initiates itself).

Now it’s time to do the yearly revision.