For the past weeks I took care of my nephew who is going through a rough time, being a teenager and having to face many challenges and also some family drama of sorts. So he’s been living with me, and that is why I’ve not been updating my blog recently.

Today we took an evening stroll in the light summer-like evening of late May.

In dialogue:

LuciferianBlog: Isn’t this a nice evening.

Nephew: Yes.

Nephew: I want to go to the beach and put food there with laxatives and watch all the birds take a shit on people. I have seen videos of people doing that and its hilarious.

LuciferianBlog: Are you sure that is what you want to do with your life? I mean, come on what about the people? That is not nice.

Nephew: I don’t care about the people.

LuciferianBlog: But surely you wouldn’t want anyone to pull such a prank on you. What if you were at the beach and suddenly shit flies everywhere?

Nephew: But I am not them.

LuciferianBlog: What about your principles, your morale, and the bigger picture?

Nephew: I don’t have morale. The bigger picture is… The world is going to hell.

LuciferianBlog: But if you unleash shit from the skies, you certainly are not helping? If everyone thinks like you, that explains why the world is a shitty place?

Nephew: But I do not care about the world.

LuciferianBlog: Surely you must find it in you to find some idealistic purpose. I did not raise you to be like this? Do i really have to take you to the beach and you doing all that shit? No way.

Nephew: But I did not ask you to take me to the beach.

LuciferianBlog: So now you’re saying that you will go by yourself?

Nephew: Maybe I will not go to the beach.

LuciferianBlog: Now what?

Nephew: What’s for dinner?