I thought about a question recently asked about how to stay on track on magick. Because as all magickians have experienced, sometimes you just fall behind, lack energy and simply don’t do rituals. And if you stay in several occult orders, maybe that problem is just too visible: it’s not the order, it’s you who are not performing.

Letting material whoes weigh you down? No time to do rituals? No energy?

Thelemites do, or atleast those who could truly call themselves Thelemites and not just those who think its cool to hang out with the special people, do  “Resh” (Solar adorations) four times a day.

This is a great exercise in dicipline, and it also reprograms and reconditions the mind to force you to think about what really matters, such as the sun getting up every morning, this is a thing that is real, not the negative thoughts in your head, which aren’t.

Since Thelemites want to do their True Will all the time (or as much as possible) this approach, to align the mind with being aware of what is real and therefore possible to interact with (thus change) is sensible.

And I found a really good discussion about this on a forum: http://www.heruraha.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=13220