The first change I have gone through since last year is letting go of control. That does not mean everything must be happy-go-lucky. But it means to let go of your notions of letting go. Before the change I was more of a control-freak, that I needed to have conscious decision over everything that happens no matter what the situation. The feeling is like being drunk but unable to be drunk. You can only be tipsy but never experience to lose control, out of fear of simply losing control. Not that it would even be dangerous, but that the experience itself is too frightening so you can never let go. Of what? Of ego, perhaps. Simply put. More difficult put, it’s letting go of the material (Sephira: Malkuth, Element: Earth, Planet: Earth (or Saturn), Zodiak: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn (or Scorpio), Kabbalistic world: Assiah, Alchemical principle: Salt).

It is very Zen to read about monks who renounced the physical world, but it is not that I am talking about. If one were to look at it from a Zen perspective, it would be more about fighting the illusory effect of duality and attachment. The opposite of duality is unity (or emptiness) and the opposite of attachment is detachment (or emptiness). Alas the eastern way of seeing things are popular among westerners but westerners lost their own tradition that are most natural to them, but recognize the echo of truth.

The western way to see this process is to gain confidence in losing control, in order to dissolve the bad influences of the negative version of Scorpio/Saturn and being able to flex around stubbourn Taurus, while balancing the other aspects of earth.

Somehow it is not the external earth, or the (notion of) external energies we need to work with, but the internal earth in you, your earthen sides. Your scorpio side, etc.

In Jungian terms it is about finding and confronting your shadow self, in therms of Archetypes.