Thankfully I am in constant development, but sometimes things does not just develop, the universe changes. In Luciferian terms, this is possibly why there can be no conformity in Luciferianism, meaning that two Luciferians may characteristically share many symptoms of being Luciferian, but may have vastly different worldviews still, and of course may have different levels of initiation.

So what happened recently is that I went away for a few months, and even let my domain expire. Yes it was serious and I had to do more than dig myself out of a hole this time – it was more like navigating the USS Enterprise out of a black hole and into the next universe. And anyone who has read Steven Hawking theories knows that to enter a black hole means being crushed.

Occultists like me often end up in different esoteric orders with completely different worldviews, and as an occultist one get used to juggling these different ways of looking at the universe – and everything is nice and dandy. Until the day comes when you realize that you changed your own universe. Not how you look at the universe but you changed the universe you lived in.

I am still Luciferian, but I just survived my own apocalypse – thankfully I am told that this is normal  – once you undergo certain initiations things are not the same. I should remember since the last time it happened was in 2008. But that was before I had this blog.

Come to think of it – it is only one month away before I revise my Luciferian Principles 😀

This should be fun 😀

I will write some interesting blogs now onwards on the kind of insane things I have lived through.