It’s been a while since my last blog update, and the observant may have noticed also the blog has reappeared after its near-death experience, while dramatic the digital reflection of the facet of my life that is Luciferianism may appear, I have been alive and well, though perhaps one is to say that an occultist’s life is a perpetual initiation ritual.

Now then! I was wondering if I should just let the blog quietly die and dissappear alltogether, but thankfully for my handful of blog readers, and future readers, I decided to revive the blog and keep it as a legacy. Because things are never static, the direction this blog is going may change from being an experiment i launched 3 years ago, perhaps I have taken the blog as far as it goes, I on the other hand, continue my development.

Did I abandon the idea of Luciferianism? Not at all. I have integrated my past work into my current work, and where I am going is sort of beyond classification. Time will tell what further travels will reveal, but for now, I am back monitoring my email.

PS: Sorry to all the people who had to wait so long to get a reply. Especially those of you who are lawyers who wanted me to take down some posts I have that link to your site. Too bad for you I decide to keep all articles to preserve them for posterity. That’s what internet and open communication is all about! Get used to it, we don’t live in the Dark Ages any more. Or do we?