Scientific truth holds that any phenomena that can be observed to give an expected result under certain conditions and successfully repeated must be true.

When approaching the question of truth, humanity has experimented, observed and classified scientific principles. This work began thousands of years  ago and continues to this day. Since the last century, and until today, the rate of scientific discovery has increased exponentially.

Lately the question of truth has bothered my soul to the bone.

Intangible truths aside, I will use a reality-oriented example.

Take copper metal wires, and arrange them in a loop. Put a magnet through it and it generates electricity, which can be measured.

Take an electrical source such as a battery and induce electric charge into a copper wire loop, and it generates magnetism, which can be measured.

Thus there is a relation between magnetism and electricity. Electricity are formed by the flow of electrons, part of an atom. Light is formed when electrons are exited by waves, either by particle activity of electrons jumping from their “shell” trajectory around the nuclear core, due to heat, radiation or other wave impact such as being hit by a light particle, known as “photon”.

A photon is called a quantum matter since it has a “step” lenght. Same as the shells around the nuclear core does not move seamlessly, they “jump” in steps from one quantum state to another. This can be observed as in the case of white light (containing a wide range of color) hitting a red surface, the atoms of the red surface are such arranged that they absorb all light except the resonance provided by the electron jump that release a red-colored frequency quantum photon wave. This can be measured as wavelength, for instance with grids (at nanometer intervals) and prisms. Light can behave both as a particle and wave, yet it has no mass.

The speed of which an electrical/magnetic phenomena occurs is the same as the speed of light. Thus, there is a relation between electricity, magnetism and light.

Magnetic fields has no mass, photons have no mass, an electron has 9.10938291 × 10-31 kilograms.

A person lights a match in the middle of a train carriage. Two persons observe this from either side of the carriage, they are separated by the same distance. The train travels at 80 km/h. Light will still hit at the exact same time on both persons. Even though the train moves, the speed of light is not affected by movement or direction. This proves that although light are waves, it does not move through a medium, like sound waves move through air or water. Light travels the same speed regardless the direction.

A person observes the lighting of the above mentioned match on the train station as the train is passing. This person will see light hit the person furthest away from the traveling direction. This proves that a phenomena depends on where you are. It also proves that we can never know when or if a phenomena has happened. It proves that reality depends on relative location to what is observed.

The rules of Science change according to where the observer is and where the phenomena is happening.

The idea that one thing happens in the train, which is true for all the people travelling in the train, is different than the reality experienced by the person on the station, is quite terrifying.

Time is also tied to light and therefore to magnetism and electricity.

In the train, a kid has a bouncing ball, and bounces it up and down 1 meter. The distance the ball has to bounce is one meter, and it bounces every second. Tap. Tap. Tap. Although the train is moving, this is what it looks like and sounds like to the persons on the train: one second, one meter.

But for the person observing from the station, things look different. The ball travels more than one meter up and down since it also has forward motion relative to the person standing stationary on the station, so time slows down to the observer.. imagine a sine curve, like a wave going up curved, then reaching a peak, going down a curve, thus it travels 22,5 meters per second and uses 1,2 seconds to get to the peak to the observer. The poor kid does not know that the ball travels 21,5 meters further than what the kid can register.

So we establish that what is real and therefore true depends on location, i.e. spatial relativity and time, i.e. relative speed.

Finally, magnetism, electricity, light, time, space, particles and waves are related thus.

Your reality as you are reading this may be like this:

Magnetism: Rain water condensed from vapour from the sea hits a turbine and drives a generator which converts mechanical motion of magnets into:

Electricity: Electric phenomena transferred information coded as signals to your computer, which codes and interprets it into signals of:

Light: Light emitting diodes in your screen are excited and jump the electron from one quantum to another, releasing light in the form of photons, which hit your:

Eyes: biological optical instrument which converts by the help of special visual nerve cells the quantum of light waves in to an electric signal that goes into your

Brain: a biological computer which catalog incoming signals and process them in the context of your

Space: and takes a little bit of your

Time: having traveled in time, space and seen how we came here, now you probably wonder what the point of this article is already manifesting in your:

Mental universe: thoughts and symbols, ideoms and linguistic concepts, archetypes are living and true entities in the fantasy world of your head, a real computer simulation of reality as real as it gets, the vessel of your persona and the residence of the soul and mind; which is in communion with the

Sub-concious: the gateway to the:

Astral world: where the global conciousness is found, among other things..

My point is to bring your attention towards the following very scary fact, is that what the human race consider bulletproof science explaining a phenomena from A to B without any loopholes is in fact still riddled with many, many mistakes, holes, assumptions and open endings.

Light can be quantified and measured and travels at constant speed in any direction. But time slows down in objects that are moving. Space curves according to mass. It doesn’t fit together, and the physicists are still frantically trying to find the bridge between Newton and Einsteins theories on physics.

What we can learn from this is that even if one discovery is made, and we discover that a phenomena occur, there are always lurking the possibility that several steps between A and B are missing. The lack of complete understanding of these elementary functions of light and magnetism, time and space, points to the steps are still missing and waiting to be discovered.

Because instead of A causes B

there could be

A, B, C are three different states of reality of X

D, E, F are three different observations of X corresponding with each state


X(A) = X(E)

Maybe that is why magick works, because our cognitive universe can go anywhere, even to the universe of thoughts, and if we observe the real universe like the one on the train station, it might be observed differently than reality inside the carriage, but it is nevertheless a valid reality due to the laws of relativity, observation, light, electricity, etc.