I have been going through some major experiences and rituals, and I am delighted to say that the ‘Luciferian Principles’ section may be revised sooner than later.

It is at times like these, when you’ve cleared a major hurdle, that you kind of look back on the battlefield of victories, the slain enemies are the past reflections of yourself, you are your own greatest enemy.

Know yourself, as you get to know the many faces of the many ‘you’s that lay defeated on the ground. These were fair faces, once your castle and your temple and your politician and PR expert who dealt with the external world.

Now they all lie lifeless, and you are again realizing that your current version, your current body and your current face, although cleansed and purified as lead to gold, from black to white, albeit pure is still destined to be defeated by the next perfect and evolved you.

What I just wrote so far is symbolic of the egos travel through self-improvement. Initiation into the mysteries are on condition of an oath of secrecy, for only thus can the mysteries unfold undisturbed.

I try to be the light for myself and inadvertedly I became the light for others, yet my light is not yet perfect, there is still more to do 🙂

Much more….

And people come to me for answers still.

I can only give you basic help to help yourself.

I will try to reiterate the most important things:

  1. You are in basic distress economically or in health, relations, etc.
    • Luciferianism/Magick/Occultism will not work for you unless you fix your basic situation. Get away from bad relationships. Fix your economy. Fix your health. “The Secret” and “Unclutter your life in one week”, and “Breaking the food seduction” are good books to read.
  2. You want to learn about Lucifer and Luciferianism.
    • You can read my blogs, my links, and you can join the Luciferian Research Society. Nobody can tell you how to become a Luciferian. My blog is my journey and my meetings with others. I will give advice but the final decision for everything is yours.
  3. You want to learn more about Luciferianism, Magick and the Occult.
    • You can read “Prometheus rising”, “Modern Magick”, and “Mystical Kabbalah” and see where you end up.  Especially read “Modern Magick” before you join any cult. There are good serious orders and temples out there, but there are also things to watch out for and certain ones to avoid.
  4. You want to be a vampire.
    • Although not for everyone, I do get some questions on this topic. I will not answer any questions on this topic as it is outside the scope of this blog. Those of you who feels like exploring this topic further, you can search online for Temple of the Vampire. They are a serious temple with online forums, etc and people who can answer your questions.
  5. You want a mentor
    • Sorry, I don’t have capacity to mentor any more people.
  6. You want to do X, but can’t because of Y
    • It is your job to understand that
      your DESIRE can become your GOALS,
      usually between your DESIRE are OBSTACLE between you and the GOAL
      also your DESIRE could be a lower emanation and thus an illusion of your true WILL
      an OBSTACLE usually represent HARD WORK OR PAIN,
      then finally,
      DESIRE –> (lower emenation of true) WILL –> HARD WORK OR PAIN –> PERSISTANCE –> GOAL.

And now for todays musical tip.