There is a book for the modern youth that will serve this generation like “1984” served the previous generation. Of course young people today cannot imagine the challenges during the Cold War era up to the 1990’s, when technology and the shift of consciousness that came with mobile phones, the internet, and in 2005 Facebook and YouTube, and digital surveillance, the “Little Brother” must be the right book for people to read, to be awakened to reality.

Filled with sharp dialogue and detailed descriptions of how to counteract gait-recognition cameras, arphids (radio frequency ID tags), wireless Internet tracers and other surveillance devices, this work makes its admittedly didactic point within a tautly crafted fictional framework

You can Buy Little Brother here, or even download it for free from the same site (your choice). The author believes in freedom so he relased his book in a variety of free e-book formats as well as the one you can pay for.

Then there is the computer game Watch Dogs. I want this game. It can teach people how the world has come to be in this age. You spend your time hacking into systems. Of course to me, it is just nostalgia. I already did things like that in the early 90’s. But people need to know that we live in a society where people are accused of being pirates or terrorists for taking pictures in a cinema or of a subway station, while ordinary people are tracked, monitored and taken pictures of every day. Even the cellphone in your pocket can be a snitch, you never know when that microphone turns on and who is listening.

For the modern Luciferian, knowing the world we live in, its limitations and the possibilities, is like transcending reality in the most basic and physical sense.