gargoyle1Much is said and talked about when it comes to the concept of The Enterer of the Threshold, both in Jung and in the discussions on the works of Aleister Crowley.

I shall certainly not bore my readers to death by making an academic case of which is right, Jung or Crowley. For this article, we can assume both are wrong.

No, both are wrong.

OK, cutting to the chase. The Enterer of the Threshold is the shadow persona, or shall we say, as everything seen from a Kabbalistic perspective, is reflected, so does your Holy Genius also have a reflection, a mirror-part. We are not so fortunate as the opposite being the Disreputable Dunce, because he is neither impotent nor a fool.

He is not the opposite of your Higher Genius, he is a reflection, that means it is something lower? Something to be conquered? Enslaved? I think not.

Controlled yes, but with respect, I should add. One does not simply banish your Enterer, this “monster” is inside you and prevents you from realizing the Knowledge And Converstation with your Holy Guardian Angel, yes, but only because you are not ready.

Is it not true that you would die in an instant flash should you dive into the divine light, the Prima Materia unless you are prepared?

Win over this Enterer of the Treshold is by winning over yourself and transcending the idea that whatever holds you back is a monster. Of course it is a monster but he can become your loyal underling.