zen-room-9If you are like me, maybe you do a morning meditation and evening rituals every day. You eat healthy food, mostly vegetarian cuisine made of raw ingredients that are as fresh as possible and as near as possible to nature’s raw materials. You may eat meat from time to time, but only the freshest meat, preferably what you hunt and kill yourself. You try to live as much in pact with nature as possible, while still being part of a fast-paced modern electronic world. And you exercise atleast one hour every day and train intensely to maximise your cardio. And you eat extra vitamins, minerals and food supplements that are made from organic material.

I have done all of these things for years and focused on well-being. I have tried many forms of massages and they of course help relax my muscles. I taught my lover to do a proper back massage and it helps a little to relax my back – but that’s it.

I never imagined what a proper massage can do. Yesterday I was invited by a friend to try a real oriental massage, called Tui Na, performed by an expert in the art of chinese pressure-point massage. The idea is that the body contains various energy points, compare to acupuncture, and applying pressure and directional massage of the body’s energy centres/chakras disperse tension and allow blood to flow to various parts of the body, thus relieving stress, opening the flow of Qi energy, and also allowing toxins to be released from the body. Little did I realize how profoundly different this massage is compared to a normal western standard massage.

First I arrive in a waiting area, arranged in a Zen fashion, helping me to calm down from the fast pace of modern life. Much like entering the outer hall of a temple, which is divided into sections much in the same intention, that as you go further in, you go to a holier place, and your spirit is lifted to a higher level. Then from the waiting area I was lead to a darker place, I was stepping on square stones immersed in water, and spiritually the water drain my excess energy and balance it against earthly colors on the wooden-interiour. I was allowed to remove all clothes and don a special robe for the purpose. Then I was lead to a very quiet and balanced room with low lights and red earth colors. I was laying on a bench face down, and as the massage began, the expert massager worked his way through every main chakras and minor chakras in the body, and I felt the kind of pain you have to expect when the muscles and tissue that were tense now are being applied gentle pressure but increasing to a level that you can really feel the pain.

I just went out of the body astrally, to avoid having to deal with the pain. I wanted the body to feel the full consequences of tensing up, to accept the pain, and to really also let the technique work at maximum. So I could observe myself and my friend from above a corner in the ceiling, looking down at my own body. I could go into a meditative state. All I could hear were tense muscles surrendering to a higher power, and the sound of water running.

The massage lasted for over an hour, and covered all parts of the body, especially of course the main energy points in the body as according to ancient chinese medicine. Including also the foot sole, since according to tradition every organ in the body are linked to points and areas under the foot.

After this experience, I was gradually let back to “reality” after a short break with green tea in a resting room, where you are allowed to collect yourself, after this very relaxing and almost inevitable separation betweeen body/mind. I think I entered my body partly en route to this room, and only finally after having tea. Only then did I feel the residual pain properly, of course decreased but still all over the body, after this treatment.

The day after I had bruises on my back, but I feel great. My back is not hurting like before in one place. Actually any pain in the back I would get before from sitting, lifting or stiffening up, is now swiftly gone. I also noticed I had a huge activity in my kidneys, peeing a lot, this could be toxins being released and poison leaving the body. I find that I have much more energy both physically and psychologically, and astrally. Probably one of the best experiences I have had in a long time.

So in conclution, you should try some form of this kind of massage that includes pressure points. Use this massage moment as a meditation and means of “resetting your mental computer” to allow for more creativity, more health and more power.