For the first time on my blog, a guest writer contributes with an article on writing and drawing with your opposite hand, to produce interesting insights.

Opposite-Handed Drawing
For LuciferianBlog by Anonymous

A great way to gain access to aspects of yourself that are sometimes drowned out by the ever present chatter of the conscious mind, is to practice writing or drawing with the opposite hand to which you normally use. For the majority of people, being right-handed, this would mean putting the pen in your left hand. If you’re one of those sinister left-handed types, then place the pen in your right hand.

It can be beneficial to carry out a relaxation exercise before doing this opposite-hand writing task, but it’s not absolutely essential. The main idea is to surrender as much as possible to the process and just allow the opposite hand to write (or draw) what it will.

In my experience, writing with my left hand, I found that some interesting and very much inner-child type sentiments appeared on the page. These words had me take notice of a little voice who is a part of me, who spoke with a purity and clarity that my normally rather intellectual and complicated mind resists.

I also experimented with drawing with my left hand and what appeared on the page was also fascinating. I was barely thinking at all while drawing, and really just enjoying the feeling of my left-hand doing whatever it wanted with very little  intervention or control from the rational part of me.

And lo, what I drew was a person sleeping, with their astral body rising out of them into an amazing world of colour, light and shadow. I am not much of a fan of New-Age Fantasy art, but what I had in front of me was quite a good rendition of some of my own encounters on the astral plane. And yet normally, it is hard for me to connect with what that space looks like and feels like with my conscious mind.

The opposite-hand writing and drawing experiences, for me, felt like something of a bridge between various parts of my selves and my experiences¸ just as yoga, meditation, sex and mind-altering substances can also be.

I really recommend opposite-handed drawing to anyone as a simple exercise that can be done anywhere such as at the bus-stop or lying on the beach. I anticipate that you will experience some revelations in your results.