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This short film last about 6 minutes, but is well worth watching, and I promise you will get a chilly surprise at the end. One thinks about what happens after death. Most cultures throughout the ages have had a tendency to believe that somehow, the physical death is not the end of the life of the human being, that somehow the human spirit continues in some shape or form. Some believe in reincarnation, some think you go to heaven, nirvana, hell or Valhalla. But very very very few cultures believe that death means death on all levels, body, mind, spirit. That will give you something to think about.

Check out the movie first before you go on reading.

When I was younger, I used to help people get rid of ghosts, together with a clairvoyant woman old enough to be my mother. We had sex magick. and some of her lunar powers were passed onto me so I could better see the astral world. Thankfully today I don’t see as much as then. Believe me, you do not want to be like that kid in the other movie who say “I see dead people”. Remember how afraid he was. Now picture yourself with the ability to see everything the eye cannot see. Do you walk through a cemetary at midnight to cut short on your way home? When I did, the most scary parts were not the grieving spirits near the graves, but the demonic entities who I caught the reflection of in the darkly lit car windows parked outside the cemetary.

Anyway my psychic older-woman MILF friend at the time, she told me I often have visits from my dead grandmother. I didn’t believe her. But then she told me my grandmother showed up as we spoke. I could feel the temperature drop, and my hair rise. I felt something touching my hair. She told me that is what she does, and come to remember it that is what she did when she was alive. I then asked about how my grandmother looked like. My friend gave a completely accurate description of my grandmother as she looked like in the 1930’s, when she was in her 20’s. I remember my grandmother saying that “although my body gets older, I still feel  like I am only 17 up here in my head!”. My psychic friend could communicate with my grandmother and it became clear that it was indeed her she was talking to. I got the message that I should stop doing occultism, and get married soon and have kids. But also she could describe the place she was born in, down to detail, such as where everything was placed, which way every building on that farm was placed, their size, what furniture inside, and even the dog they had that died during the 1950s, and where that dog usually slept, and where a cow with horns were buried and so much detail that my female friend could not possible know about – things that were a family secret – even I did not know about the horned cow and where it was buried at that farm. My mother knew and when I told her a medium had revealed it to me she started crying – they thought the cow was evil since it had very unusual horns on it, and it had died giving birth and the calf died too.

At one time I lived by myself in a flat in Oslo, one of the top floors in a well-respected area. My opposite view from the window was a fashion factory, where they made clothes. The distance was about 50-60 meters. So I could see clearly. During nighttime, I could easily mistake one of the clothes-dolls they would use to display clothes on, with a person figure. But you could easily see it is only a doll. But the dolls were not moving and they were placed far from the window. Suddenly one night I could see in that building there was a figure of a woman staring at me through the window. She did not have fashion clothes, it was a dirty white night gown of some sort. She held a child dressed in exactly the same way. Both were looking at me. I shrugged and thought this must be just another doll or a prank or something. No person would be standing dressed like that in a building with the lights turned off, only the small emergency lights signs and the street lights outside cast some idea of light on the figures. So I make myself some food, read a book then forget the whole thing. I go to my window and look out. And these figures are still there. Strange I think. Then I go to my bedroom, which takes me maybe 5 seconds. Now the two figures are still there, but one floor down. I go to my living room and they are dissappeared. Go back to bedroom, and they are there. I sort of get bored of it and accept that they are just there for some reason. For the next month, these figures would appear around midnight and dissappear around 3am. Every day returning from work, I would sort of wait for them, and they would appear at the blink of an eye. To me they were my ghost pets. It was kind of hard to sleep knowing that they were staring at my window from across the street, but eventually I got used to it, then after a month or so they just stopped coming.

It is believed that when you die, you do not realize you are dead. There are supposed to be so-called “death gods” or death angels that come to pick up your spirit. Sometimes they do not come immediately. Sometimes they dont come at all, and you are left to wander the earth. Think about this, because you never know when you are dead.