The latest group-conscious psychological weather is: depression. I make the following claim: All over the world, right now, people are more depressed than usual. Please leave a comment to this post if you have felt much more depressed than usual, in the last 14 days.

It is coincidentally a full moon tonight, which is nice, and although it is only Wednesday according to the Christian calendar, some part of me with a link to the ancient cultures of yester-millennia, feel it is now the end of the week. Plus the fall equinox is upon us, we descend from the blinding light of the summer days to my more comfortable dark times, winter is merciful in that respect, especially here up north, where during November to February, the daylight is only seen around 9am to 3pm – ish, and then I will be at work anyway.

But, I digress.

Sometimes I wonder what to write about in my blog. Then I remember the purpose of this blog was to write things through my perspective. This post will not be about any topic in particular. I covered a lot of material during the past three, nearly four years of blogging.

Still, I feel I only scratched the surface. I can remember once thinking this blog would end as an experiment after only one year. Still going strong. And I have developed a lot during the years, and my confidence as working with Lucifer as an archetype and guiding philosophy has grown.

I find that I can be open to other occultists and left-hand path people. Among regular people from work or family, I offer clues so that those with eyes to see with or ears to hear with can pick up on what currents I work with. My experience in this respect is that people will only see what they want to believe.

My cousin on my fathers side will only pick up on my interests in astral travel, him being a shaman among the tribal people of northern Norway known as Lappland. My coworker only knows I am into some form of satanism, too afraid to ask what, and I remember we had a meeting with the Norwegian Church as one potential customer, the IT Service Manager in the company asked me before the meeting (with some sense of humour): will lightning strike from the heavens if you join us in this meeting? I laughed and said only if I want it to. Some coworkers actually know a lot more, since they showed interest. Only one person knows the full story. Another only knows about my involvement in freemasonry, not being a freemason myself, but giving advice about some internal political farse which often play out in any large group of people that have to work together.

My mother is always full of religion and Christ, and she complained the other day how I rarely come to visit. So I invited her to my house this week for dinner. I imagine she would be very disturbed if she ever knew the truth. And she is living proof that if you believe in Christ, you will never believe the truth when you can see it, if it conflicts with your world-view.

Because when you enter my home, maybe even long before you walk through the door, you may feel the energy which some describe as electrical, a certain flow of energy that probably is the whole point of arranging your garden according to Feng Shui.

Then as you enter my home you will see first a demon on the wall embossed in stone with the text: “GOD BLESS THIS HOUSE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE”. My mother was worried about this and brought it up, wanting to know its meaning. I offered the explanation that the demon in question is the Dragon of black dark matter, symbolizing the pain and suffering of the earth, and that me blessing it as much as possible is a reminder that I am not of this world.

I don’t know what goes on in her head, but instead of analyzing what I just said, which in an intelligent consideration would certainly have tripped a Christians minds alarm-system, she asked instead: “wouldn’t it be nicer to have Jesus on a cross on the wall?”

I said that the dying figure of a naked man nailed to a cross is hardly “nice”.

“But Jesus died on the cross to save us all from our sins, isn’t that nice”? she said.

“If I had to have Jesus on my wall, I would have pictured Jesus at the moment of his enlightenment, becoming a Buddha, not his torture and death”. To which my mother just look puzzled, not falling for the trap of starting a heated debate that Jesus never had the enlightenment that Buddha had, simply because Buddha and Jesus come from different religions.

Then, she must have seen the many framed versions of the Tree of Life. She must have seen the many figures of various demons and Hindu gods. The black bookshelf with titles such as:

  • The Magick of Solomon
  • Crowley, Book of Lies
  • Kevin Mitnick, the Art of Deception
  • Hacking, the Art of Exploitation
  • Prometheus Rising
  • The Gnostic Gospels
  • Alchemy and Mysticism, Volume I-IX
  • Evola, Knowledge of the Waters
  • A Practical Guide to Magick
  • 500 Smoothie Drinks

and so on.

And ignoring:

  • A dagger on the wall.
  • A Chalice on the shelf.
  • Many, Many occult diagrams floating about.
  • 16th century manuscripts with dubious origin.
  • Obsidian mirror.
  • Egyptian papyri with hieroglyphs.
  • Tibetan mantras on the wall.

I did remove one thing before she came over though, which is such a dead giveaway even her bigot mind would finally realize the truth:






Explaining to my mum that Lucifer is the true Jesus would probably have ruined dinner.

So what other things happened this week. Ah yes, I finally got time to repair my scooter. I love to drive a car, but if the weather is nice I love even more to ride my beloved scooter, which I upgraded to a 80cc, so I can do 95 km/h, but I am interested in keeping 50 km/h uphill. Most 50cc scooters can do max 15 km/h uphill.

I had a broken bearing inside the engine, picked it apart and installed the replacement part in under 6 hours. This involves cleaving the engine bloc in two so I would like to see the person doing it any faster than i did.